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The Best Credit Repair Companies of 2014 are Ranked

Top 5 Credit Repair Companies Offers Thorough Reviews of the Cream of the Crop of Credit Repair Companies

Los Angeles, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 11, 2014 / Top 5 Credit Repair Companies, a website that helps people who need to improve their credit score by featuring helpful and thorough reviews of five of the best credit repair companies, has just finished ranking the top companies for 2014.

The founders of the Top 5 Credit Repair Companies website truly understand just how much a low FICO score can negatively impact peoples' lives. They too once had poor credit scores, and worked with credit repair services to try to make them better. As they found out the hard way, not all of the companies are created equally, and some are much better at repairing a low credit score.

"We have been in the same situation and want to make sure that you learn from our mistakes," noted one of the founders.

Recently, after reading through hundreds of customer reviews as well as conducting thorough research on five of the most reputable credit repair companies in the country and with whom we have an advertising relationship, the founders have named Lexington Law as the top credit repair company. The company has helped over hundreds of thousands of clients since 2004, it is rated with the Better Business Bureau, and it features a sophisticated and technologically-advanced web based user platform that allows clients to easily track their progress.

As an article on the Top 5 Credit Repair Companies website titled "How Does Bad Credit Affect Me" explains, consumers will definitely benefit from working with a top credit repair company like Lexington Law. Credit scores determine much more than a person's loan worthiness-they are also used to see if a person qualifies for an insurance policy, what interest rate he or she will pay on a loan, and what the loan term will be.

"Usually you have to take out a loan in order to buy a car, a house, or even appliances such as a television," the article explained, adding that the rate of these loads depends on the applicant's credit score.

"If you have an excellent credit score, then you will have a greater chance of having better loan terms and lower interest rates. If you have bad credit, then these loan lenders will be less likely to trust you and make it more difficult to take out a loan."

In addition to the in-depth reviews of the top credit repair companies, the Top 5 Credit Repair Companies website features other helpful articles that can help people learn all they can about improving their FICO score, as well as related topics. For example, one article that is getting a lot of attention lately from readers explains what identify theft is and how people can prevent it from happening to them.

Anybody who would like to learn more about Top 5 Credit Repair Companies is welcome to visit the website where they can read through the helpful reviews.

About Top 5 Credit Repair Companies:

Top 5 Credit Repair Companies is a website that is devoted to helping people improve their credit score. The site features in-depth and helpful reviews of five of the top credit repair companies. In addition to the information about each credit repair company, the site also includes numerous customer reviews. For more information, please visit http://top-5-credit-repair-companies.com/


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