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Best Days, Months and Hours to Spend Money

We all want to spend our time and money wisely, and now a new book explains how to do both — how to get the most bang for your buck by simply timing our purchases right. “Buy Shoes on Wednesday and Tweet at 4:00” offers tips on various transactions, from leasing a car to getting a haircut.


A girl can never have too many pairs and online retailers make it very simple to find whatever we want day or night. But sales tracker ShopItToMe.com says if you can hold off until Wednesdays to buy a pair that caught your eye, you’ll likely save about 40% off the regular price.

Hair Cuts

How about a new “do” to got with your fancy footwear? Well, you may want to think twice before getting a haircut on a Saturday. Stylists interviewed for the book say it’s their busiest day of the week and when they’re under the most pressure. Instead, schedule an appointment with your barber or salon on Tuesday, often the slowest day for business. Hairstylists say they’re less stressed and make fewer mistakes — plus you’ll get their full attention.

Life Insurance Policies

Timing matters here, as well. If you haven’t invested in a policy yet, the time to act is sooner rather than later. In fact, you’ll get the best rate on a policy before your next birthday, as monthly premiums tend to creep up with each passing year.

Gym Memberships

Managers at Bally’s and One Life Fitness agree summer is actually the best time to become a member.  By then, most of the news year’s resolution crowd has given up and gyms will often wave sign-up fees and offer a free month, just to get you in the door. Plus, with most people exercising outdoors, you’ll have your choice of equipment in air-conditioned comfort.


While summer may be the best time to get serious about exercise, winter is the ideal time to get settled into a new home. Not many people move during the cold season and even fewer do around the holidays. Building managers say that’s why they tend to offer tenants the lowest rent and best deals in December. For those moving in, don’t forget to ask for a lower security deposit or a free month’s rent.


Switching gears to the auto market, whether you’re buying or leasing a car, the book says it’s often best to shop at the end of the month. That’s when dealers will be eager to meet their monthly quotas, giving you the upper hand. Browse midweek when business is usually the slowest. You’ll have the full attention of the sales staff and more bargaining power.

If you opt to lease, September is the best month because that’s when the newest car models start rolling out. Lease rates are calculated based on the residual value or worth of the car at the time the lease expires. That dollar figure should be high, so you want the car to be as new as possible at the time you drive it off the lot.

Car Washes

Finally, when you’re ready to wash your new set of wheels, avoid evenings and weekends. It’s better to go first thing in the morning to avoid the rush of folks on their way home from work or running errands. The machinery will be clean, there won’t be a line and workers will have more energy to spend on your car. Some car washes even offer discounts to lure in drivers before 9 A.M.

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