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The Best Web Design Trends That Build A Strong UX - Plus, The Top 26 Illinois Web Design Agencies, According To DesignRush

Every $1 spent on UX design can result in a $100 in return on investment. DesignRush determined the leading UX design trends that increase revenue and the top UX design agencies that can implement them.

NEW YORK, July 03, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Research shows that every $1 that businesses invest in user experience design can cultivate a return on investment of up to $100 or more.

However, due in part to ever-evolving technology, consumers' user experience expectations are always shifting.

DesignRush.com, a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, unveiled the leading user experience design trends that will improve customer interactions, better time on site and increase revenue. These trends align with current emerging tech advances and reflect the new expectations that consumers have from businesses.

The top 3 user experience design trends are:

1. Personalization

Personalization across digital platforms is proven to increase click-through rates, time spent on site, conversions and bottom lines. For example, one study found that personalized calls to actions increased conversions by more than 200%.

Businesses can incorporate personalization into:

1. Email campaigns.
2. Product recommendations.
3. Content suggestions.
4. Chatbot interactions.

Brands that capitalize on personalization also have the opportunity to gather relevant data for other campaigns and initiatives. For instance, a study from Salesforce found that:

1. 57% of consumers will share personal information for custom discounts and sales.
2. 52% of consumers will share personal information for product recommendations.
3. 53% of consumers will share personal information for customized shopping experiences.

2. Content-Driven Experience

It's no secret that content marketing is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing. After all, content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing yet creates three times more leads.

But it turns out that content marketing – in all its forms – can drastically improve the overall user experience on websites, too.

Brands that invest in content marketing can build a stronger and more transparent relationship with customers and inform them about relevant information – both of which improve UX, returning consumer rates, and time on site.

In fact, 78% of users believe that brands who generate more custom content are more trustworthy.

The types of content marketing that improve user experience include:

1. Blogs and articles.
2. Videos, multimedia and motion graphics.
3. Animations and illustrations.
4. Podcasts.
5. Webinars.

3. Augmented Reality

AR/VR is slowly but surely creeping its way into web designs, mobile apps, video marketing campaigns, social media and more!

But although virtual reality has the power to completely transform a user's reality, augmented reality has the ability to manipulate a consumer's experience in a more believable manner, which is proving to be more valuable to brands. Plus, augmented reality can be more cost-effective to produce and easier to release to the public on a multitude of platforms.

Augmented reality can improve UX design by:

1. Training employees in certain processes or environments.
2. Demonstrating how a product or service will work or look in a user's real environment.
3. Replicating brick and mortar store experiences online.
4. Creating comprehensive models and mockups of products.

Plus, augmented reality, in particular, demonstrates a strong return on investment. By the year 2020, AR is projected to have 1 billion users. What's more, the market is expected to surpass $61 billion by 2023.

"A positive user experience is the most important aspect of a brand's online presence," says DesignRush Founder and Executive Director Gabriel Shaoolian. "Businesses need to make sure that every platform creates an easy-to-navigate interface, solves user-centric problems, and fosters a pleasant and personal environment that users enjoy engaging with regularly."

DesignRush's Agency Listing section features the best local and global website design firms in Illinois. Some of the top Illinois website design companies from around the world include:

1.    Rule29
Rule29 is a strategic creative agency that helps businesses clarify their brand and connect with the right audiences all through a magic combination of strategy, design and making creative matter®. Located in Geneva, Illinois, they serve Fortune 100 companies to start-ups. As an award-winning agency in web design, Rule29's makes it a mission to understand the client's unique needs, future plans, and competitive landscape. The process has specific steps, but it is different for each client as every organization has its own hopes, culture, and story.

Visit Rule29 at https://rule29.com/contact/

2.    Blueshoon
Blushoon is a web development company located in Andersonville, Chicago, IL. They have been in business since 2009. They provide on-demand website management services and build websites and applications. Blueshoon loves to problem solve. They value efficiency and hard work, and they believe that their work space should be fun, productive, and open.

Visit Blueshoon at https://www.blueshoon.com/

3.    Codiant Software Technologies
Codiant is "a revolution, a reliable partner, responsible service provider, loyal friend, and your inspiration" that has donned a big feather for world-class Mobile App and Web App Development, UI/UX Development, Enterprise Mobility Solutions, and Application Maintenance Services across various platforms.

Visit Codiant Software Technologies at https://www.codiant.com/

4.    Comrade Web Agency
Comrade Web Agency is a full-service award-winning digital marketing, SEO and web development agency, based in Chicago. They love solving design, technology, and marketing challenges that help propel their client's success to the next level!

Visit Comrade Web Agency at https://comradeweb.com/

5.    Eight Bit Studios
At Eight Bit Studios, they specialize in mashing up research, design, and code in playful and savvy ways. Their nimble and diligent guild of developers, project managers, QA engineers, visual designers, and user experience designers work together to shape the digital products and services people love to use every day.

Visit Eight Bit Studios at https://eightbitstudios.com/

6.    Highland Solutions
Highland is an experience agency with a fierce commitment to keeping people at the center of their work. They help organizations take their customer experiences, services, and digital products from what if to what is using a mix of design thinking, research, rapid prototyping, and custom software development.

Visit Highland Solutions at https://highlandsolutions.com/

7.    Killian Branding
Many businesses have a narrative that isn't consistent externally or internally, either. The answer to "why should prospects choose us?" would be answered one way by the C-suite, another by sales, another by ops, another by whoever answers the phones or that guy on the loading dock. Your elevator speech is, to put it politely, inconsistent. But Killian Branding can help to create a consistent brand identity for all of their clients across all platforms, campaigns and websites.

Visit Killian Branding at http://www.killianbranding.com/

8.    KitelyTech LLC
KitelyTech was started as a company to set industry standards: a full-service technology firm setting trends in web design, web development, branding, mobile application development, custom software, and SEO services. KitelyTech was founded on the principles most lacking in its competitors and the industry at large – transparency, customer service, efficient execution, organization – which remain at the foundation of their business today.

Visit KitelyTech LLC at https://kitelytech.com/

9.    LimeRed
LimeRed is a small team of designers, researchers, and builders who have dedicated their lives to creating change. All of the work that they do has to prove a community benefit and meet their own conscious standards. They are all mentors, teachers, explorers, and partners who care deeply about their communities and causes, so LimeRed spends a lot of time working with others to help outside of their work there at LimeRed.

Visit LimeRed at https://www.limeredstudio.com/

10.    Mikesell Digital Consulting
Mikesell Digital Consulting a part of one of the largest global digital marketing firm (WSI Digital Marketing) that brings global expertise to local businesses. They offer comprehensive digital marketing solutions to help businesses turn strangers into customers and promoters of their business. Mikesell Digital Consulting helps clients get found, get leads, get social, and turns leads into loyal customers. They are laser-focused on results and ROI.

Visit Mikesell Digital Consulting at https://mikeselldigital.com/

11.    97 Switch
97 Switch takes great pride in their relationships with people. They operate with the understanding that it's all about being good to others in everything that they do. 97 Switch shows this by delivering the best service possible to their partners. They hear what people say and take action based on what they need. Being good to people is a foundational part of their business and 97 Switch will not compromise it for anything.

Visit 97 Switch at https://97switch.com/

12.    Operation Technology
Operation Technology is an award-winning Chicago digital marketing and website design agency. A new website is useless if it doesn't help businesses reach their online marketing goals. Unless their site is prominent within search engines such as Google, it is possible that customers will take their business elsewhere. Operation Technology can design and re-design a client's new website to be mobile responsive and create a fresh look that attracts targeted customers and drives conversions. Operation Technology's websites are also optimized for search engines.

Visit Operation Technology at https://www.operationtechnology.com/

13.    Paragraphs LLC
Paragraphs is a strategic design firm and business consultancy. They are experts at corporate identity and branding. They help their clients rethink and reimagine how they go to market. Paragraphs LLC functions as "internal team members" helping them grow by looking at their business differently – this could be their business structure, how they go to market and/or how they position their products and services to their key constituencies. They then translate what is unique about their business in creative and unexpected ways to deliver their brand vision and brand persona across all media. Paragraphs LLC executes everything from research and strategy to concept and implementation. They have won over 1500 awards and are a certified WBE.

Visit Paragraphs LLC at https://paragraphs.com/

14.    Part Three
Part Three is a company dedicated to solving their clients' marketing needs including website design and development, SEO, SEM/PPC, graphic design and social media. Some agencies think like artists, but Part Three thinks like a business owner. They know the bottom line is not only making sure each company looks good, but making sure revenues are up. Part Three thinks beyond standard marketing practices and use innovative tactics to maximize the potential of every company.

Visit Part Three at https://www.partthree.com/

15.    Punchkick Interactive
Punchkick is digital innovation for the world's brightest brands. They build custom and everything that supports, including user research and business intelligence. They specialize in mobile apps, web experiences, user experience design, and business analytics.

Visit Punchkick Interactive at https://www.punchkick.com/

16.    Slabmedia
Slabmedia believes that the first time someone is introduced to a business or project, they should get a full understanding of what the company and/or the brand are all about. That is why Slabmedia specializes in creating custom designed websites. They build professional, responsive, well-organized representations of each unique brand for the world to see.

Visit Slabmedia at https://slabmedia.com/

17.    SpurIT
SpurIT is a software development and marketing company. They specialize in e-commerce and app development, marketing services for Shopify and other eCommerce platforms. Their products are used by more than 60,000 companies monthly, covering more than 15 million users all over the world.

Visit SpurIT at https://spur-i-t.com/

18.    Stevens & Tate Marketing
Stevens & Tate Marketing is a leading Chicago-based, integrated marketing and advertising agency that is servicing clients nationwide. Stevens & Tate Marketing specializes in digital marketing, broadcast advertising, package design, media planning and buying, SEO, social media and website design.

Visit Stevens & Tate Marketing at https://stevens-tate.com/

19.    Strategic and Creative Marketing Inc.
At S/C Marketing, they use their extensive corporate marketing experience with leaders such as Nielsen, Time Warner, OfficeMax, DeVry Education Group, Columbia Pictures, Experian in order to develop marketing strategies and to create compelling messages and creative tactics to reach the right target market to deliver sales success.

Visit Strategic and Creative Marketing Inc. at https://www.scmarketinginc.com/

20.    Streng Agency
Streng Agency is not a typical advertising agency. For that matter, Streng is not a typical business. This is due in part to their approach in solving everyday problems as creatively as possible. That includes every decision that they make. Streng Agency is contemporary and state-of-the-art in our office space as well as their approach to work.

Visit Streng Agency at https://strengagency.com/

21.    The Simons Group
Before content was ever crowned king, The Simons Group built their reputation on the philosophy that great marketing is defined by flawlessly crafted messaging. That is where their story began. The Simons Group believes that when the words are perfect, the design follows suit, and the message moves the audience to action.

Visit The Simons Group at https://thesimonsgroup.com/

22.    The Weinstein Organization
The Weinstein Organization is a highly responsive and nimble marketing services organization known for a strong culture of unparalleled personal service. They think of themselves as an extension of their clients' team and a valued strategic partner in their overall success. The Weinstein Organization's creative ability, winning strategies, team cohesiveness, and exceptional service have produced alliances that have generated industry recognition and most importantly, long-term relationships and repeat business.

Visit The Weinstein Organization at https://www.twochicago.com/

23.    Verve Marketing Group
Verve Marketing Group is an award-winning brand, advertising, and design agency based in the Chicago area. The agency was formed out of a love for words and aesthetics – and the power of creative communications to change beliefs and move people to action. More than creative for creative's sake, Verve Marketing Group puts their talents to work for the pragmatic purpose of giving voice and energy to worthwhile brands.

Visit Verve Marketing Group at https://vervemarketinggroup.com/

24.    Vision Force Marketing
Vision Force Marketing will restore businesses' faith in marketing. No more guessing what their marketing company is doing. They offer complete transparency with our VFM Total Transparency Dashboard. Vision Force Marketing work with clients to develop a plan of action that is customized for each business and clients will be able to track progress. Vision Force Marketing is a full digital marketing agency providing SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Content Writing, Social Advertising and more.

Visit Vision Force Marketing at https://www.visionforcemarketing.com/

25.    VisualFizz
VisualFizz is a team of marketers who do things differently. Digital marketing shouldn't be synonymous with "noise" online, and we think that digital has become...well, boring. VisualFizz aims to remedy this by connecting real human emotions back into digital marketing.

Visit VisualFizz at https://www.visualfizz.com/

26.    Youtech
As a modern, full-service agency, Youtech combines the best qualities of both digital and traditional marketing and advertising to effectively refresh and re-energize your business from every angle. They are never stagnant, and by constantly improving their own business model, Youtech stays at the top of their industry, which allows Youtech to put their clients at the top of their industries.

Visit Youtech at https://youtechagency.com/

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