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Fitness apps are solving the biggest problem with going to the gym

Arguably, the most difficult part about going to the gym is ... making yourself go to the gym.

And while the physical gym industry continues to boom, a digital fitness has also slowly started to climb with phone apps, wearables and new-home technology.

According to Flurry Analytics, fitness app usage has skyrocketed by 330% over the past three years. And the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) has reported that portable fitness tech was expected to generate around $6.4 billion in sales in 2018.

These digital fitness companies, like the boutique-fitness app Studio, are betting that the digital market is still untapped due to the one thing a majority of gym-goers have in common: a smartphone.

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“Everyone has a smartphone... everyone has the internet connected to them,” Lee Scantilides, Doctor of Physical Therapy in New York, told Yahoo Finance. “Everybody wants to know their numbers. Everybody wants to track how often they work out.”

Like some of its fellow digital fitness apps, Studio allows its customers to take classes at any time from anywhere. Studio CEO, Jason Baptiste, says the strategy is to attract an audience of professionals and parents who do not have the time to arrive at boutique fitness classes right on the dot.

“What makes Studio really unique is our ability to have the world's best instructors, and to break down this idea of, like, the fourth wall between our members and our instructors,” said Lisa Niren, Vice President of Content and Programming at Studio.

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