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Best ellipticals for your home gym, according to experts and online reviews

Dylan Haas

For those looking to work out at home and maybe even lose a little weight, elliptical machines are the top choice for many fitness fanatics who prefer to keep the gym as close to them as possible — AKA their house. 

Most ellipticals don’t take up that much space, and they provide really comprehensive cardio workouts for even the most dedicated gym rats. 

But for some reason, ellipticals aren’t as well-respected as other cardio-based workout machines — we presume that’s because not everyone fully understands the benefits of using one. (More of a yoga person? Try this.)

Clair Mason, co-founder of elliptical-based gym Elliptica, prefers the Keiser elliptical because it’s well-made and really easy to maintain. But at more than $2,000, it might not be the most practical buy for most home gyms. Read more...

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