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Best Father's Day gifts for small and big budgets

We’ll make it easy for you. Father’s Day is Sunday June 15, and we’ve mined our Ratings and reviews to find 10 great gifts for dad to fit any budget. You can feel confident about quality because all of these products did well on our tests. So, go ahead—use our list to narrow your options. Wrapping paper not included.

In-ear headphones: Panasonic RP-TCM125, $10

Great for dad to use with his iPad, iPod, or cell phone. Sound quality as good as some much higher priced models, and we have found them for only $10. It has integrated function control, microphone, and call connect/disconnect.

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Bicycle helmet: Specialized Echelon, $60

A cycling dad can always use a new helmet. A CR Best Buy, this helmet was rated excellent for ease of use and for weight, and rated very good on impact absorption, ventilation (keeps your head cool), and accommodating various head sizes and shapes.

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Electric razor: Remington Pivot & Flex Foil F-5790, $55

What a buy for a close shave! A CR Best Buy, this model was rated very good for close shave, shaving difficult areas, ease of cleaning, and good for amount of noise.

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Wireless charging pad: Duracell Power Mat for iPhone, $70 to $120

Make it easy for dad to recharge. This wireless pad recharges an iPhone through a technology called inductive coupling. Simply place the phone on the pad’s surface. $70 for the power mat and $50 for a compatible case.

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Juicer: Hamilton BeachBig Mouth Pro 67650, $80

Surprise dad with some fresh-squeezed morning juice—and put a bow in it for Father’s Day. One of our top-rated juicers, for a bargain price.

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Soundbar: Vizio S3821w, $160

If dad likes TV, he’ll like this 2.1-channel soundbar from Vizio. This 38-inch model, which Vizio recommends for TVs with 40- to 46-inch screens, delivers very good sound, and is a CR Best Buy.

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Point-and-shoot digital camera: Olympus Stylus SZ-16 iHS, $180

Smart phone cameras are not ideal for all photography.

Dad might want this point-and-shoot for its long zoom lens and wide-angle capability. It’s a relatively inexpensive superzoom that shoots very good photos and captures good quality video. It also has a fast start-up time.

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Smart watch and activity tracker: Samsung Gear Fit, $200

Slim, sleek, and light, this hybrid smart watch/activity tracker will earn dad the designation of early adopter among his friends. It has a built-in heart-rate monitor, pedometer, accelerometer, and gyroscope, with which it tracks several kinds of exercise activities. With a compatible phone, the Gear Fit will give a brief vibration to alert to incoming e-mails, calls, texts, and updates from a variety of third-party apps.

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Midsize gas grill: Char-Broil Red 463250511 (Home Depot), $400

Your dad likes to grill? This medium-sized gas grill aced all our cooking tests and costs hundreds less than other top-rated models. It's sold at Home Depot and has an electronic igniter, side burner, infrared main burner, and coated cast-iron grates, which tend to be better for searing and maintaining even grilling temperatures.

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Rowing machine: Concept Model 2 D, $900

If dad has been talking about starting an exercise program, help him out. Our highest-rated rowing machine, this model scored excellent on user safety, ergonomics, and construction, and scored very good on ease of use. It has displays for time and stroke rate and it stands up for easy storage.

Add on the compatible Row Pro gaming system for $119.

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