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The coolest games of E3 2019

Daniel Howley
Technology Editor

The annual E3 gaming expo has descended on Los Angeles and already generated plenty of big, exciting announcements. Gaming companies ranging from Microsoft (MSFT) and Nintendo to Ubisoft and EA (EA) revealed a whole slew of titles that left gamers salivating for more. Many of the games announced won’t be out until 2020, but a handful will hit store shelves, or more appropriately, online stores, later this year.

Enough delay: These are the best games of E3 2019.

‘Cyberpunk 2077’ (PS4, Xbox One, PC | April 2020)

Outside of the Keanu shot, CD Projekt Red's cinematic trailer for 'Cyberpunk 2077' gave us a better idea of the game's storyline. (Image: CD Projekt Red)

It was one of the top games of 2018, and it’s back again in 2019. CD Projekt Red’s “Cyberpunk 2077” got a huge boost when none other than Keanu Reeves took the stage to reveal that he’ll be starring in the game. “Cyberpunk 2077,” takes place in a dystopian future, I’ll let you guess what year, in which humans can augment themselves with various technological upgrades. Does that mean swords popping out of your character’s arms? Yes. Yes, it does.

With the team behind the incredible “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” putting “Cyberpunk 2077” together, the expectations for this title couldn’t be higher. Here’s hoping they can deliver.

‘Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order’ (PS4, Xbox One, PC | Nov. 2019)

'Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order' will let you play as a jedi following the events of "Episode III" and the slaughter of the Jedi Order. (Image: EA)

The death of story-driven, single-player games has been greatly exaggerated, and EA and Respawn Entertainment’s “Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order” is the proof. Set after the events of “Star Wars: Episode III” during which the jedi were all but wiped out, you’ll play as one of the last remaining jedi, Cal Kestis, in a new, canonical “Star Wars” adventure.

Based on the gameplay footage of the game, you’ll be able to do everything from control various force powers, interact with early series’ stars, and pal around with your own cute little droid. Oh, and there might be a lightsaber or two in there.

‘Ghostwire: Tokyo’ (Release date: N/A)

Not much is known about 'Ghostwire: Tokyo,' but based on the pedigree of the people behind it, and its impressive trailer, it could be a standout horror game. (Image: Bethesda)

I’m not even sure what to make of this game other than it’s scary and has the most perfectly computer generated bowl of ramen ever created. “Ghostwire: Tokyo” is a supernatural, action-adventure game from the makers of “The Evil Within,” so you’re probably going to need an extra pair of underooskis while playing this. The gist of the story is that people are disappearing around Tokyo, and you’ve got to figure out why. And...well, that’s all we know so far. But that hasn’t stopped me from watching the trailer over and over.

‘Watch Dogs: Legion’ (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Google Stadia | March 2020)

'Watch Dogs: Legion' will feature a unique mechanic that lets you recruit anyone you see in the game to your team. (Image: Ubisoft)

Ubisoft’s “Watch Dogs” series is heading to London. After the government collapsed, a paramilitary organization called Albion took over the city and, as expected, isn’t exactly treating the citizens well. That’s where you and your DedSec come in. But instead of playing as a single character fighting back against Albion, you’ll recruit operatives from London’s citizenry. And yes, that includes a little, old lady.

Ubisoft says you’ll literally be able to recruit anyone you want, and that the game’s cutscenes will adjust based on who you’re playing as. What’s more, if you die while playing as one recruit, you can simply continue the game as another. Huh, actually, that kind of makes the folks running DedSec sound pretty evil, too. Oh, well. We’ll find out more in 2020 when “Watch Dogs: Legion” hits store shelves.

‘Deathloop’ (Release date: N/A)

'Deathloop' takes a dash of 'Edge of Tomorrow' and mixes it with some lightning-fast assassin battles. (Image: Bethesda)

The people behind “Dishonored” are back with a new game title that’s as much of a mind-bending trip as you can imagine. “Deathloop” stars two assassins who are tasked with taking down targets or dying and reliving the same day until they complete the task. Think “Edge of Tomorrow” in which the characters constantly relive the same days every time they die. It could be a real trip when it’s released .

Honorable mention:

‘Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ sequel (Nintendo Switch | Release date N/A)

Nintendo blew everyone's mind at E3 by revealing that a direct sequel to 'Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild' is in the works. (Image: Nintendo)

Okay, hear me out. I know this was only shown as a brief teaser during Nintendo’s E3 stream, but how can you not be excited about a sequel to “Breath of the Wild?” One of the best “Zelda” titles ever created, “Breath of the Wild” provided gamers with an open-world experience that was fascinating to explore with so much attention to detail, it felt like a true living, breathing world. A sequel to that? Sign me up.

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