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The best gift cards for your money this holiday season

AOL.com editors

For many, shopping during the holidays can be stressful. From finding the perfect gift for your loved one to staying within your budget, if you aren't a savvy shopper, it can seem a bit overwhelming. 

With the creation of gift cards in 1994, however, the high pressure of gift-giving was eliminated. The prepaid money card issued by a specific retailer or bank put the power in the hands of the receiver by allowing them to buy exactly what they wanted.

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And while gift cards quickly gained popularity amongst consumers, not every gift card available is the best bang for your buck. According to a recently-released survey from WalletHub, 41 percent of people say they'd prefer to receive gift cards this year -- but only from a select few of brands.

Check out the slideshow below to see which gift cards consumers want the most this holiday season.