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Best Home Security Systems in Seattle, WA - Ranked by HomeSecurityMag.com

Seattle, WA / May 21, 2014 / Following their analysis of the home security systems available to consumers, the team at HomeSecurityMag.com has published their rankings of the top five home security companies in Seattle, WA.

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Micheal Wyatt explains: "With so many home security options to research that involve high-tech technology, we wanted to provide in-depth information about home security systems" Micheal Wyatt explains. "We want anyone interested in protecting their family and property to be able to make informed and effective decisions".

Wyatt also states that expenditures associated with implementing a complete, home security system can be intimidating to some consumers. In addition, most security companies demand that customers enter into a long-term contract.

"Unfortunately, some contracts obligate customers to continue using a substandard security system for three, four or even five years", Wyatt says. "Home Security Mag wants to prevent that from happening to unsuspecting buyers of home security systems".

After researching numerous home security companies and the systems they offer, Wyatt strongly urges that homeowners look at certain details of a system before attaching their signature to a binding contract.

1. Closed Circuit Television Monitoring Systems (CCTV)

Consumers can receive real-time monitoring of specific rooms, property exteriors, home entranceways or other areas vulnerable to unwanted intrusion by installing a CCTV monitoring system. Not only can CCTV stop criminal activity before it occurs but clear camera imaging provides law enforcement with pictures of perpetrators for identification purposes.

"CCTV systems offer excellent home security and help deter criminals", Wyatt says. "Homeowners may also opt for motion-sensoring cameras that detect movement in targeted areas or nighttime cameras equipped with infrared illuminators."

2. Intercom Systems

Although intercom systems are cheaper to install than CCTV systems, Wyatt warns that while intercoms provide audio awareness of what is happening inside a home, they are not considered preventative home security systems.

"A baby monitor is an example of a basic intercom system", Wyatt explains. "Door alarms are another type of intercom system that alarms people in the home when a door opens. While intercoms are better than no security system, they aren't recommended as a first choice for homeowners living in remote or high-crime areas".

3. Vandal-Resistant Cameras

Protected by durable housing material that protects both exterior and interior home security cameras from destruction by burglars, vandal-resistant cameras are also bullet-proof so that criminals cannot stop these cameras from recording their faces and movements.

4. Access Control Security Systems

"ACS is the most technologically advanced system available", Wyatt states, "and provides a nearly foolproof type of security system".

"Keypads prevent strangers from entering a home because only people who know the passcode will be able to trigger the locking mechanism", Wyatt explains. "Unlike traditional locks that can be easily picked by a professional burglar, keypad security systems are impervious to bolt cutters or lock-picking tools".

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"Homeowners do not have to settle for second-best when it comes to home security systems" says Wyatt. "But they do need to watch for home security companies that only care about profit and not about customer safety".

Source: HomeSecurityMag.com