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Best Houston Home Security Systems - Our Top 5 Picks

Houston, TX / ACCESSWIRE / May 9, 2014 / HomeSecurityExaminer.com just published their list of the top 5 home security systems in Houston, TX.

As the home security system market gets more and more over-saturated, consumers are confused about which companies are truly offering a better value.

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Most homeowners are mainly concerned about the safety of themselves and their families, but it is also important to them to get a good price. After all, why pay more when they can pay less for the same service?

The research team at Home Security Examiner is now exposing the facts -- what is important in a quality home security system, and what should consumers avoid?

"We know a good security system is a quality investment for consumers' homes," said research expert Michelle Davis, "but finding the best one can be difficult."

This report is designed to:

1. Explain what a basic home security system does.

2. Evaluate which features are important to look for in a security system.

3. Inform users about concerns in the home security system market.

4. There is no doubt security systems are an important purchase for the safety of users and the protection of their possessions. Studies show:

Annual home invasions were up to 2 million per year as of 2010, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The victims of these home invasions lost over $4.6 billion in property. That's over $2,000 per home invasion!

While burglaries have decreased in recent years, many experts point to the increased use of home security systems as one of the reasons why.

"With so much societal fear of burglary and invasions of privacy, it's great there are some quality home security systems to keep users and their homes safe," said Michelle Davis.

How Wireless Home Security Systems Work:

As everyone already knows, wireless home security systems are all the rage. But how exactly do they work?

First of all, the standard wireless security system does not require professional installation. Users can just decide where they want to attach the sensors -- no drilling or wall damage required.

After installation, the system is ready to go. It uses the sensors to detect a forced entry or broken window. When a sensor is triggered, a message is sent to the control panel, which transmits a signal via secured cellular network to the monitoring center.

The monitoring center will contact the homeowner to make sure the system wasn't accidentally disarmed, and then a representative will contact the proper authorities.

Finding a Reliable Home Security System:

There are many home security companies serving the Houston, TX area, but there are definitely a few that standout and truly outshine the rest.

"Security systems are very popular in this day and age," says Michelle Davis. "My job is to help users find the best possible option for their homes."

Consumers should look for the following features in a home security system:

1. Wireless. Wired security systems should not even make the list. A wireless security system is more difficult for burglars to disable and does not require a landline.

2. Energy saving controls. A basic security system today not only provides security, it also provides control over the user's home and energy usage. Users should choose a system that includes a free app to control their homes' thermostat, lights, and appliances remotely.

3. Detects both burglary and natural threats. While home invasion is a concern, a decent security system will also detect natural threats, such as freezing, flooding, fire, and carbon monoxide.

4. 24/7 monitoring. Users are paying good money for their security systems, they better be monitoring their homes at all times. These systems should also provide them with two way communication between their homes and the security company's monitoring center.

Shop Smart for a Home Security System:

"I'm here to do the heavy lifting when it comes to research and investigating security systems," said Michelle Davis. "Here are the things customers should look for to get the best value on their home security systems."

1. Know the reasonable security system price range. Consumers should know approximately how much a basic security system costs. It may be worth it to purchase a more expensive system with better features, but users should know what the average market price is in order to make an informed decision.

2. Avoid systems with outdated equipment. The only home security systems worth considering are those with top of the line equipment. High tech equipment is readily available with security systems today and anything less is just not good enough.

3. Look for more than security. With the options available, users should look for systems that offer more than just security. Consumers can save quite a bit of money by having energy saving controls to keep their heat at a reasonable level, and the lights off when no one is home.

With all the research pointing to lower burglary rates as security systems become more heavily used, it's clear a home security system is a good investment. "Look for a wireless system at a reasonable price with non-security options and detection of a wide range of security threats."

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