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Best New Mixes Streaming Right Now

Moses Wiener

In from Berlin, Brooklyn, Bristol and beyond, we've banished anything that resembles average to bring you our latest selects for the Best New Mixes Streaming Right Now.

Spanning from some truly smooth sets that are perfectly suited for a Sunday snooze and/or snuggle, to mixes that'll singe your eyebrows if you play them loud enough, we've got the goods and everything in-between.

So whether you're starting your week gently or you're still going from Friday, we're sure you'll find something that fits!

Lean Low: ILL MIX for Discobelle

Between running a label, promoting nights, and producing as Lean Low (and formerly as Darkstorm), we asked the man also known as Abdullah Al-wali to help us understand what qualified as "ill" when making the following mix for Discobelle.

"It’s hard to give my music a definitive genre because I’m influenced by so many different styles. A recent review of my latest EP Zeldas Werkout described it as “Gamer’s techno”! That made me laugh and was definitely a first, but I listen to a lot of hip-hop, UK Garage, grime, dancehall, UK funky and Jersey club so you can expect my music to have a blend of those vibes. This mix reflects that and also gives you an idea of where my head is at right now."

Grab a thermometer, because you'll probably run a temperature for this one.

Maeco: Astrocast #55

This mix from Montreal-based DJ and artist Maeco aka Mike Clay is introduced by the guys at Astro Nautico as "a non-stop glide through laid-back funk, soul, R&B, jazz, hip-hop and bubbling beats perfect for an afternoon session." And you certainly can't fault them for false advertising.

Running at 80 minutes, prepare to have your mind turned to mush. And we mean that as a good thing. Also, can other DJs please take note of Maeco's tact when he introduces his mix? Thanks in advance.

DJ Khalil and Pauli the PSM: Back To Life i-DJ Mix

A huge back-to-back session for the first year celebrations at New York's premiere London-centric clubnight Back To Life, hosts DJ Khalil (of London's Livin' Proof crew) and Pauli The PSM were joined by friends Just Blaze, Kindness, Jasmine Solano, and DJ Moma to make it a proper birthday party.

Reflecting on the night's highlights with i-D, Khalil explained, "It's been a crazy year to be honest, so many moments have felt pretty surreal. I think having Daniel Beddingfield partying with us and then jumping on the mic to perform "Gotta Get Thru This" was a beautiful moment. Having Idris Elba come through to DJ on the same night as Just Blaze was pretty memorable. I just love how it's turned into a bit of a community and how everyone who's in town from London passes through and parties with us!"

Eden Hagos: 11

With a Soulection seal of approval, this mix from San Diego-based selector Eden Hagos is so on point.

The tracklist features Spooky Black, Bok Bok, SchoolBoy Q, and naturally some choice records from the Soulection back catalog; there's very little else we have to add other than to say it's a treat. And maybe that we look forward to hearing at least another 89 mixes like this one.

Andwot: 'Rise N Shine' Mixtape for gal-dem

If nothing else, the pace of this mix from Andwot is spot on in terms of mirroring that very human condition of waking up, wiping sleep from your eye, and easing your way into the day.

"For the early risers, the late dozers and the Sunday morning snoozers. Wherever you want to listen to it, this mix was made for those times snuggled in or slowly escaping your duvet".

DJ Goldkey: 'The Shark of the Ocean' Mix for Section 808

Looking to test out the speakers in your new Lamborghini? The latest from Dallas' DJ Goldkey might be a suitable candidate for your subwoofering needs.

Nothing but hip-hop heaters that'll upset neighbors guaranteed. Crank up the AC if it all gets too much.

Pinch: Mix for Tropical Waste's 5th Anniversary on NTS Radio

Whereas our fifth birthdays generally featured fancy dress, singing happy birthday, and sponge cake, Tropical Waste went ahead and asked Tectonic boss Pinch to perform for theirs, and his session for their celebration really packs a punch.

Weird noises and hypnotic bass both feature throughout.

Will Buck: HOMAGE Mix

"Start as you mean to go on" is sage piece of advice; advice clearly heeded by the guys at Homage NY when they asked Will Buck to bring it for the inaugural mix in their new series.

Rare cuts in various denominations of funk, soul, disco all showcased in their dusty glory.

Tessela: Live at The Island, Bristol

Recorded live at Timedance at The Island in Bristol last month, Tessela took no prisoners in delivering a belter of a set which was recently shared on Soundcloud.

Whilst unable to see the sweat dripping from the walls, whoops and cheers from the crowd enjoying the unrelenting mix first-hand are audible throughout.

Not Monday morning friendly.

Dengue Dengue Dengue: XLR8R Podcast 458

Put together for XLR8R's mix series, Peruvian duo Dengue Dengue Dengue take a long walk into the depths of the figurative forest to rustle up a session that feels hand-carved.

"This was recorded in August while we were in Berlin, where we stay while we are touring..It's an afro-oriented music selection. This mix reflects the sound we are adding to our DJ sets lately. In a mixtape like this one, we focus on creating a mood: something you can listen at home while relaxing or in the car".

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