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The Best Mortgage Rates of 2014, Ranked by MyRatePlan.com

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwired - Oct 16, 2014) - Buying a house is an incredibly complex task, and it's also one of the most important investments you'll make in your life. There are all sorts of things to consider, such as location, security, the distance from stores and shops, the culture of the area, how many rooms you want, etc… but one of the most important steps to take is finding a good mortgage rate. There are certainly no lack of options out there, and each has its own special rates and deals to take into consideration, so how exactly does someone choose which lender to go to for their mortgage?

Luckily, the experts here at MyRatePlan.com have taken a look at some of the best lenders out there and have found three that seem to really outshine the competition. Each of these are great choices when it comes to finding the best mortgage rates in 2014, but deciding which of the three to actually go with will require some additional information, which is listed below in more detail. Our experts have ranked them on a number of important factors, and their findings are posted below:


InterBank is a premier mortgage lender that's been in business for well over 20 years. Since their inception, they've found a great deal of success and have expanded out into 30 different locations all over Texas and Oklahoma and have assets worth over two billion dollars. InterBank believes their success is due to their efforts in maintaining excellent customer satisfaction and bolstering the local community. They've even been recognized by the ABA Banking Journal and have been ranked as a Top Performing Mid-Sized Bank. Their high level staff is made up of professional and personal loan officers that'll make anyone's experience pleasant and seamless. Regardless of whether your need to purchase a mortgage or refinance your current home, InterBank has some of the best mortgage rates around.

National Mortgage Alliance

The National Mortgage Alliance is a country-wide lender that does business in the 48 continental states of America. They're a division of the respected Georgia Banking Company and have concluded that their level of success has been possible by their commitment to providing a professional and friendly service based around integrity and honesty. They have a great list of calculators on their front page that gives their customers the most up to date rate information available. Some of them are a 15 vs 30 year mortgage calculator, an APR calculator, and a rent vs. buy calculator. They have guaranteed lender fees, personal loan advisors for their customers, as well as in house processing and underwriting. Overall, they're a fantastic service to choose when it comes to finding a good mortgage rate.

Best Rate USA.com

BestRateUSA is a newer mortgage lender, having just been founded in 2008, but in the short time they've been around, the company has found a ton of success. This is due to their great rates, outstanding customer service, and their overall flexibility. They have all the major products, including conventional, FHA, 203k, jumbo, VA, construction, USDA, and HARP mortgages. Their 30 year fixed program has a rate and APR of 3.750%, their 15 year has 2.990%, while their 5/1 Arm has a rate and APR of 2.750%. They have a ton of great mortgage calculators right on their website that customers can use to help determine what deal will be best for them, but all of their customers will be able to call in seven days a week to speak with a fully licensed loan officer to discuss in depth the different rates, options, and just general advice. In addition to that, their process is very fast. Customers will be processed, reviewed, and approved for their mortgage within 30 days or less. Overall, they're a great place to go to for the best mortgage rates.

Overall, getting a mortgage will take some careful consideration and ought to be discussed with a professional loan officer to ensure that the best possible rates are obtained, regardless of whether it's for a new loan or for refinancing. There are many places out there to start, but the above three examples really go out of their way to provide a stellar service to their customers at every step of the process.

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