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The Best Personal Finance Blogs That You Should Be Reading

Sarah W. Caron
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Want to learn more about money? Some of the best personal finance blogs offer perspective, news and advice to help you get and stay educated about the money topics that matter to you most. Here are five of our favorites.

Get Rich Slowly

With many authors giving common sense advice on personal finances, you could easily lose a few hours reading through the archives. That’s how interesting the blog Get Rich Slowly is. It’s definitely worth checking out, bookmarking and checking in on regularly.

The Manilla Folder 

The Manilla Folder offers a wealth of advice on all sorts of personal finance topics, from saving and budgeting, to credit and debt, to taxes and investing, and more. In addition to covering money management topics, we also cover productivity and lifestyle topics, including home organization, time management, career development, health and fitness, parenting and family, green ideas, frugal living, DIY, and more.

We just released our brand new financial literacy toolkit, which was designed to make the financial transition into the “real world” a lot easier for students and recent grads. We partnered with Citibank to bring you advice on how to get a job, how to save during college, and how to manage your money post-graduation. They’re all lessons that are essential in practicing responsible money management, and yet they’re all topics you probably didn’t cover in school. Download the free toolkit from our back-to-school section.

Money Crashers 

Money Crashers is a site that looks at smarter spending from all angles — from ways to make food scraps useful (for example, “7 Creative Ways to Use Leftover Juicing Pulp,”) to how to exercise on the cheap. And it talks personal finance, too. Money Crashers actually reviews credit cards to give you an idea of the best ones to choose when you’re considering opening a new one.  This is a great site for those who want to live more frugally and educate themselves on personal finance.


From quick tips, to find frugal shorts, to useful financial life hacks, Wisebread has a little of everything — and it’s fun. Wisebread also reviews cards based on their various categories, so they have guides to choosing the best travel rewards cards, 0% balance transfer cards, best cards for groceries, and the best cards for receiving cash back. Hidden behind catchy titles, like “Your Sleeping Position May Be Hurting You” and “Investment Secrets of the Rich and Famous,” is some really useful, outside-of-the-box information. Definitely worth checking out.


Consumerist is a great resource for practical information and personal finance news. While it does somewhat cover everyday advice for the average consumer, Consumerist offers hard news and editorials on personal finance, tech, and productivity — all dinner party-worthy topics, too.

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