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What Is the Best Pharmacy Delivery Service?

What Is the Best Pharmacy Delivery Service?
What Is the Best Pharmacy Delivery Service?

If you haven’t been there, you’re lucky: Standing in a snaking line at the pharmacy at lunchtime or after work, waiting for a prescription to be filled, is not how any of us wants to spend our time.

Given that inconvenience, it’s no surprise that pharmacy delivery services have taken off in cities across America. After all, we order an Uber on demand, get Postmates to deliver our lunch to us and have Instacart deliver our groceries to our doorsteps. Why not have our prescriptions come to us as well?

So which pharmacy delivery services are best? We researched the top brands and sought out actual customers to get their reviews so you can make the most informed choice.


Amazon’s billion-dollar acquisition of PillPack in 2018 signaled that the tech giant is serious about trying to shake up the medical industry. While the e-health market is still emerging, PillPack has a license to operate in all 50 states and a credible history as a stand-alone pharmacy offering to deliver prescriptions to your doorstep. Your prescriptions are also packed in individual doses, so you’re never unsure about what to take.

  • No added cost on top of medications

  • Nationwide

  • Compatible with Medicare/Medicaid

  • Compatible with major insurance plans

PillPack reviews

“I've been using PillPack for almost two years as my primary pharmacy," said customer Mike Thomas. "They are true to their word—you really don't have to interact with them much and track down your doctors for refills. They do take care of all that behind-the-scenes [stuff] to the best of their ability. Once or twice I've had them reach out to me because they couldn't contact one of my physicians after multiple attempts."

Thomas adds that he rarely has to contact PillPack customer service, but when he does, it’s via email. While he doesn’t save any money using PillPack over his insurance company’s mail-order service through Walgreens, “I’ve had numerous bad experiences with late or missing deliveries, incorrect prescriptions and billing problems, so I much prefer PillPack,” he said. Thomas hasn’t had a billing mistake and, best of all, “each [prescription] is perfectly packaged each time.”

CVS Pharmacy Same-Day Rx Delivery

CVS is a go-to source for many people filling their prescriptions, given that it has over 9,800 retail locations across the U.S. In addition to nationwide USPS delivery within one to two days, CVS delivery has started same-day service in select markets, generally promising a hand off within three hours. CVS is also happy to fulfill deliveries of non-prescription items like Advil or vitamins.

  • $4.99 delivery charge

  • CVS mail-order deliveries nationwide

  • CVS same-day delivery available in Austin, Boston, Miami, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Providence, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

  • Compatible with Medicare/Medicaid

  • Compatible with major insurance plans

CVS delivery reviews

For those who are already CVS pharmacy customers, the best news about CVS delivery is that it will already have your prescription and insurance information in its system, making the sign-up process seamless. You can also use the CVS app for the whole process. While reviews are hard to come by for this new service, insider reports on Reddit indicate that demand is still low in certain markets and delivery may have some bumps to smooth out.


While it's less recognized than PillPack and CVS, GetMyRx serves more than 3,000 zip codes across the U.S. Rather than operating as its own pharmacy, its app coordinates with the pharmacies closest to you to deliver your medication free of charge. And if you need to transfer your prescription to another pharmacy, the app does that, too.

  • No added cost on top of medications

  • Available in 35 states

  • Compatible with Medicare/Medicaid

  • Compatible with most insurance plans

GetMyRx reviews

As iMedicalApps states in its review, GetMyRx has shown some errors and has typos in some of its language, which can be warning signs. But the cost-free factor and ostensible ease of use make it a service worth watching.


While the online-only pharmacy Capsule is currently limited to the New York City area, its sleek taxi and subway ads have earned it a small cult following. It’s the creation of Eric Kinariwala, an investor who worked at Bain Capital and Perry Capital, and veteran pharmacist Sonia Patel. With the promise to deliver anywhere in NYC within two hours with no cost beyond copays, it certainly sets a standard for competitors, even if it is geographically narrow in reach. It will also do the job of transferring a prescription from another pharmacy for you.

  • No added cost on top of medications

  • Available in the greater New York City region

  • Compatible with Medicare/Medicaid

  • Compatible with major insurance plans

Capsule pharmacy reviews

“I think Capsule really shows how a tech company can focus on one thing and do it well. While the people at the local pharmacy have always been pleasant, it felt like it always took longer than needed,” said customer Nat Antman. “Capsule really simplifies the process and makes it more accessible. The chat feature with the pharmacist really streamlines the communication at every stage, and they keep you posted on the delivery.

“I’ve been using it for several months without any issue, though I did notice that the delivery window on the last order was longer (a full day vs. a two-hour window). It’s not a huge deal for me, since I don’t have any medications that are urgently needed, and I have a 24-hour doorman.”


While Care/of isn’t a pharmacy or a pharmacy delivery service, its marketing can make it easy to mistake it for one. Instead, Care/of is a supplement delivery service, and it has carved out a niche for its individually portioned supplements with influencer marketing and cool minimalist packaging. On its site, Care/of provides a quiz to develop a specific vitamin and supplement mix for your needs, and looks to cut costs you might find at local groceries or nutrition and vitamin stores. The custom-designed boxes with vitamins and supplements for each day start at $5 a month and go up from there.

  • Subscriptions starting at $5 a month

  • Personalized boxes suited to your needs

  • Available nationwide

Care/of reviews

"If, like most people, your diet doesn't include every essential nutrient, taking vitamins based on your needs can serve as an effective insurance policy for long-term health," said Dr. Jeffrey Gladd in a testimonial for Care/of.

While the true effect of vitamins and supplements can stir up debate within the field of medicine, proponents of supplements may find that Care/of makes the ordering process quite a bit easier. Reviews of the app are mixed, but it has a 4.9 out of 5 rating on the iTunes App Store, thanks largely to the delivery service. Customers have praised the compartmentalization of doses and raved about their reaction to supplements they wouldn’t have otherwise known about.