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The Best Project Management Solution Is Now Free

CEO Yaniv Shor: "Proggio has been relentless in its mission to shape the future of project management."

TEL AVIV, Israel, March 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Proggio, a project and portfolio management startup, announced today that it is releasing a FREE version, after the company tripled its projects volume in just five months. Q1 2019 data shows the company running over 50,000 projects, which is triple the amount from Q3 2018.

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A Game Changer

Proggio is developing a SaaS solution that aims to help enterprises plan their projects and programs, engage their employees and deliver - all with a single data set, a single point-of-truth. The service provides Program leaders and Managers with a clear insight into the status, risks and the required coordination of these projects. The focus of Proggio is on the company business goals as reflected in the company project portfolio, helping enterprises manage their daily activities against these goals.

The project management tool now powers thousands of organizations around the world in different market segments, size and complexity, showing record growth and implies the potential of this innovative solution. Proggio is a game changer.

FREE Version Released

With project change volume expected to reach one million per quarter in Q2 2019, Proggio released a new, FREE version, targeted towards small teams running a single project, which includes features of the Premium version. With its unique, patented "Projectmaps" technology, Proggio continues sending a strong and confident message to its users and the broader market.

"We make organizations successful by providing visual, clear and concise updates," said Yaniv Shor, CEO and founder of Proggio. "Are they on target to meet their goals? Are their projects at risk? Proggio provides answers to these questions based on a single, intuitive solution that fills a current void for Project Managers."

Proggio recently announced a direct integration with Atlassian's Jira and Google's G Suite, as well as open API and Zapier integration. In 2019, it plans to add portfolio analysis, artificial intelligence and resource projection tools that will further distinguish it from the competition.

"Proggio has been relentless in its mission to shape the future of project management," noted Shor. "With the addition of a free version, Proggio will increase its project volume and awareness even further, laying the foundation for modern project and portfolio management."

About Proggio

Proggio, an innovative project and portfolio management provider, enables cross-functional project management planning with a unique visual timeline and intuitive solution bringing structure to organizational plans. The company's clients include Versace, SodaStream (PepsiCo), Verifone Israel, Fjordline, mySugr (Roche) and others. Backed by Mangrove Capital Partners, Proggio is redefining the project and portfolio management market, by offering a collaborative central dataset and intuitive solution to replace spreadsheets and other cumbersome soon-to-be-relics. Learn more at www.proggio.com.

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