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The Best Providers for VoIP Home Phone Service Under $10, Announced by MyVoipProvider.com

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 10, 2013) - Most people nowadays have done away with their home phone lines, instead preferring to be called on their cellular phones. Traditional landline phone systems are largely going out of style because the high price of things like long-distance calling and phone features beyond the basic plans is not worth it when people are already paying similar prices for a mobile phone that can almost always be answered.

However, residential phone service is available for under $10 with Internet-based phone systems and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calling technology. VoIP takes advantage of the high-speed Internet connections that already exist in most homes to send calls as hyper-efficient digital packets of data, which results in much cheaper (and better sounding) phone calls. This means that families can afford to reduce the number of minutes their cell phones need, and rely on having a home phone once again for everyone to share.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to picking a residential VoIP service provider, and all of them boast different features, prices, and plans. They all have one thing in common: VoIP phone service is cheaper, includes more free features, and has a higher audio quality than landline phones. That's why the experts at http://www.MyVoipProvider.com put together this list that ranks the best VoIP providers for home phone service.

1. ITP

ITP stands for Internet Telephone Provider, and their name reflects the fact that they offer no-nonsense Internet phone service. They earn the #1 slot on this list not just because they offer unlimited calling nationwide with their phone service, but they also give new customers 2 months of free calling as part of their special Fall sale. At only $8.32 monthly, this deal even includes a free mobile VoIP app for smartphones for all-inclusive VoIP service.

2. Phone Power

Phone Power's service is a little cheaper at only $5.99 monthly, and includes 60 minutes of free International calling to over 75 countries. Even when the hour is up, International rates with PhonePower are still cheaper than the per-minute rate most traditional phone providers charge for even local calls.

3. MagicJack

MagicJack has the cheapest phone service around, with one of the easiest to use VoIP adapters around. Simply plug one end of the device into the computer, and the other end into any IP or traditional phone, and start making unlimited phone calling. What's even better is that magicJack includes 6 months of service with the purchase of their ATA equipment, and after that service is available for as little as $1.66 each month.

4. VoIPO

VoIPO bills themselves as "The Likable Phone Company," and they earn this title by having some of the best customer service in the industry. They offer unlimited calls to the US and Canada, caller ID, call waiting, three way calling and more, with over 40 amazing features in total. VoIPO also offers an hour of International calls every month for a total price of $6.21 per month.

5. AxVoice

AxVoice's $6.25 home phone service comes with all of the VoIP hardware needed to have a premium home VoIP system. Big families will appreciate how easy AxVoice makes it to transfer the same phone number, so that nobody has to update their address book. Axvoice also has easy-to-use online account management, for adjusting features in just one click.

Internet phone service with VoIP is much cheaper than any landline service on the market, and comes with all of the features that most traditional telecom countries would charge extra for. The simple fact that VoIP is based off of modern technology and infrastructure is why it is so much more affordable than a traditional telephone system, which is based off of 19th century technology. Stop wasting time and money, and switch to a residential VoIP phone line today!

Matt Paulson is a technical writer and editor based out of San Diego, California. He is a tech guru for all things VoIP, and covers the latest news and innovations in the industry.