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The best reactions to Brienne and Jaime's relationship

Laura Capon
Photo credit: HBO

From Cosmopolitan

Anybody who watched Game of Thrones season 8 episode 2, will know that the entire 58minutes was essentially dedicated to Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth's long-running relationship.

If you've forgotten their back story, don't worry, I'm more than happy to fill you in. The star-crossed lovers (yeah, forget Romeo and Juliet) first met when Catelyn Stark (RIP) took Jaime hostage and ordered Brienne to escort him back to King's Landing in exchange for the safe return of her daughters.

One incredibly long journey and a hell of a lot of flanter (that's flirty banter if you don't know) later, the unlikely pair developed a pretty close bond. Which saw Jaime lose his hand (when I say lose, I mean get it chopped off) to protect Brienne from being raped.

After finally realising his sister and lover *shudder* Cersei was meaner than Regina George herself, Jaime vowed to return north and fulfil his oath to Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen by helping in their fight against the Night King.

Which brings us back to the present day where Jaime and Brienne were finally reunited again, much to the entire Internet's delight. Not only did Brienne step in defend Jaime's character and stop Daenerys executing him there and then, but the reformed Kingslayer repayed by the favour by giving Brienne the one thing she's been waiting 8 entire seasons for... A Knighthood.

If, like me, you're more invested in Brienne and Jaime's relationship than any of your current Hinge matches. It may give you some comfort to know that you're not alone. And because I am so invested, you'll find that I've compiled some of the best reactions below.

Apologies in advance, Tormond.

Now, if anything happens to either of them in the Battle of Winterfell, I swear heads will roll...

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