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The Best Shows To Stream On Amazon Right Now

Amazon really wants to be a part of your life. The more you stream, the more potential there is for you to click over to buy something on their service. More recently there’s also that Alexa thing that everyone seems to kind of want but isn’t sure whether to trust yet. Regardless, Amazon is officially ubiquitous. 

If the video component of Amazon Prime ― which mainly offers shipping advantages when buying products ― seems very much like a side project, that’s because it is a side project. But so far, the company has seemingly committed to creating pretty great shows. They also have rights to the HBO library. Against all odds, Amazon is an enticing service to stream with ― and there’s a good chance you already have a subscription.

For the weekend of Sept. 22, Streamline is recommending “Transparent” in the top spot.

The show is finally back with a fourth season that’s just as great as ever. 

Note: This list only includes shows that debuted their most recent episode less than a year ago. Much like the main list, it prioritizes newness.

Season 4 Release: Sept. 22, 2017

Season 2 Release: Sept. 8, 2017

Season 1 Release: Aug. 25, 2017

Season 1 Release: May 12, 2017

Season 1 Release: Aug. 3, 2017

Season 3 Finale: April 4, 2017

Season 2 Release: Dec. 16, 2016

Season 2 Finale: Nov. 11, 2016

And here are a dozen other recommended shows currently on the service:

Much of the HBO library is in on Amazon, including: “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” “Deadwood,” “Flight of the Conchords,” “Girls,” “Veep” and “The Wire.” 

Also: “The Americans,” “Fleabag,” “Mozart in the Jungle,” “The Night Manager,” “Orphan Black” and “Wolf Hall.”

This article originally appeared on HuffPost.