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Best of StockTwits Charts: Stock Volatility Does Not Take A Vacation In August

The StockTwits Charts Stream gets filled daily with thousands of stock charts created by the largest real-time trading community in the world. Below are a few notable ones for your perusal:

1.  S&P 500′s (SPY) Performance in August – Conventional wisdom holds that August is a quiet month in the markets and, while it’s true that trading volume declines and many managers vacation, volatility, especially in recent years, does not appear to be taking long weekends in the Hamptons.

Greg Guenthner, editor of the Daily Reckoning’s Rude Awakening, posted the chart below to StockTwits showing August in the S&P500 over the past 4 years.

Plenty of big moves, so buckle up.


(See Greg Guenthner ’s original StockTwits post here.)

2. Apple (AAPL) – Since trading as low as 388 on June 28th, Apple has rallied more than 20% back up to 470 in a little over a month. This is bringing the bulls out in the name and interest is picking back up on StockTwits.

Bill H. takes a cool headed look at the stock price here after the big run. Note, on his chart posted below, the stock trading back up near this level now for the third time since March. On the previous occasions, it failed here but now appears to be popping its head out above those earlier highs. Critical junction here.


(See Bill’s original StockTwits post here.)

3. 30-Year Treasury Bond Yields vs. Dow Jones Industrial Average (DIA) – This last chart, posted by pro Heritage Capital backs up the lens and compares stocks and bonds.

Heritage Cap goes back 67 years and shows the relationship of the 30 year Treasury bond yield and the Dow Industrial Average. They note that while yields were rising from 1946 to 1983, the Dow stalled in 1966, once rates reached 4.7%, and it did not begin rising again until the huge downtrend in yields began some 16 years later.

One implication here is that stocks might still have some room to run until the yield rises another 100 basis points from its current yield around 3.70%.


(See Heritage Capital’s original StockTwits post here.)

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