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The best tech gear for travelers

The Week Staff

1. DJI Osmo Mobile 3 ($140)

This motorized smartphone stabilizer can "dramatically" improve the quality of your camera-phone videos, "eliminating all of those unintentional jiggles," writes Andrew Liszewski at Gizmodo. The gimbal's arm can also flip quickly between portrait and landscape orientations. Buy it at Amazon.

2. Langogo Genesis ($299)

Once common only in science fiction, handheld translator devices are suddenly everywhere. This one uses advanced AI and noise-canceling microphones to provide "amazingly accurate" translations of 105 languages and dialects. It also doubles as a 4G Wi-Fi hot spot. Buy it at Amazon.

3. Zippo HeatBank ($50)

Perfect for a ski trip, this rechargeable hand warmer can be a comfort on wintry days for up to nine hours. It has six temperature settings, doubles as a charger, and is available in silver, black, and champagne. Buy it at Amazon.

4. Anker Nebula Capsule Projector ($300)

Turn any hotel room into a theater with a soda can–size projector that delivers a 100-inch image and 360-degree sound. "Why restrict yourself to watching Netflix on a tiny screen when you could be living large?" asks Maya Stanton at Lonely Planet. Buy it at Amazon.

5. LectroFan ($50)

Trouble sleeping away from home? This compact white noise machine is convenient for travel and easy to use ("even in the dark"). It generates 20 static-like sounds and can be turned up loud enough to drown out barking dogs. Buy it at Amazon.

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