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This Is The Best Thing On Twitter Right Now

Cady Drell
Photo credit: Gerardo Mora - Getty Images

From Marie Claire

There are several contenders for “Most Terrible Month of 2018” ("all of them" come to mind), but June is pulling an early lead. The deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain were tragic and triggering. President Trump alienated all of the U.S.’ allies in favor of cuddling up to reclusive dictators. Dennis Rodman cried on CNN while wearing a MAGA hat. Even the net neutrality repeal went into effect, which means internet service providers could start charging more for Netflix-the only thing that otherwise gets many of us through times like this. It’s not great!

But fortunately, in all that darkness, a hero has emerged. I’m talking, of course, about the Twitter account @wofanswers.

Its first-ever post, on June 4, established a simple premise: Take a half-solved Wheel of Fortune puzzle and fill in the blanks to create something so bizarre it borders on the poetic. For example:

Some buzz-killing Twitter users try to point out to @wofanswers that he or she or they don’t understand how Wheel of Fortune works. For example, BONELESS HOMEBOYS couldn’t be correct because there’s already an E and an S on the board.

The account creator will occasionally answer these people with a simple, “No.” And that’s more than they deserve for trying to diminish the art that is @wofanswers! Let the man/woman/bot work!

At the time of publication, the account has already amassed around 92,000 followers (and rising quickly)-further proof that this it the exact brand of idiotic and surreal humor to soothe America’s chapped soul. Even better? It updates several times a day, which means that whenever you feel blue, you can log onto Twitter and find another post that’ll make you feel just a smidge more hopeful and understood.

So thank you, @wofanswers, whoever you are. You’re doing important work.

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