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The best tweets about the new Best Buy logo

Best Buy’s old logo seen on a store

Big box tech retailer Best Buy has changed its logo, ditching the familiar large, yellow tag design for a more streamlined look. The tag has been reduced to a small graphic at the bottom right of the text.

According to a press release from the company, “the creative elements of the refreshed branding include an updated Best Buy logo and a new look and feel with updated colors, photography and conversational language. It’s all designed to highlight our culture, our expertise and our talented employees.”

We’re not completely sure how the blocky text and small graphic highlights culture and expertise, but OK, sure…who are we to argue?

Twitter did not hold back its feelings when it comes to the new logo.

A common theme of the criticism is the fact that the new logo is reminiscent of things we’ve seen before, notably Bud Light:

Others just straight up didn’t like the new look:

And of course, what would Twitter be without just a touch of sarcasm?

At least one person had something remotely positive to say:

What do you think of the new Best Buy logo? Is it an improvement or are you pining for the yellow tag days of yore?

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