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VPN deals for October: Pay less for privacy with discounts on ExpressVPN, NordVPN and more

Looking to increase your personal security online? A VPN could be the answer (iStock)
Looking to increase your personal security online? A VPN could be the answer (iStock)

What’s a VPN? Well, firstly it stands for a “virtual private network”, and it’s a piece of software that gives you more privacy and anonymity online by protecting your browsing activity.

When you connect to the internet on your computer it creates an encrypted, virtual tunnel between your device and the VPN server, meaning your data is more protected.

Initially, this type of software was developed for large corporations that needed to protect their sensitive information from being sent over public and private networks.

But the personal VPN market has grown in recent years, and now many regular people use them to keep their private data secure too. They can also be used to sidestep state censorship of the web in countries such as China and Russia.

Don’t be put off if you see the dollar or the euro sign when it comes to paying for a VPN in the UK – the software can be purchased from anywhere in the world.

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When it comes to picking the best VPN service for you, it pays to regularly keep an eye out for the best deals, since prices change frequently. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you and scoured the internet for the cheapest options.

As with so many things, the longer you commit to a VPN contract, the lower the monthly cost of your subscription. Keep an eye on your billing period to ensure your VPN provider doesn’t automatically roll you over to a more expensive plan when your introductory offer runs out after two or three years.

The best VPN deals for October 2022 are:

NordVPN: Was £10.29 per month, now £3.90 per month, Nordvpn.com


According to our guide to the best VPN services, NordVPN is the best for using on an iPhone. It’s one of the best-known apps and it grants you “access to its network of over 5,000 servers across 62 countries,” noted our writer. When used as an app, it’s very simple, “with a clear map for access to its servers and a ‘quick connect’ button to take you to the nearest and probably fastest server with a single tap”.

NordVPN currently has a deal where a two-year plan can be purchased for £78.03. This is a discount of 56 per cent on the regular price, and also includes three additional months for free. Do be aware that NordVPN quotes its prices before VAT, which adds 20 per cent at the checkout, bringing the total price for two years (and three months for free) to £93.64. This works out to £3.90 a month.

Read the full NordVPN review

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ExpressVPN: Was £11.87 per month, now £6.12 per month, Expressvpn.com


In our guide to the best VPN services, our reviewer said this software is best for your Mac or PC, as well as Amazon Fire devices.

Our writer described the VPN as “blazing fast,” adding in their review of the service: “While ExpressVPN might not have the most extensive set of privacy features, it does happen to have some of the fastest servers – something we confirmed in a series of speed tests we conducted on the nearest servers to our location, as well as random US servers.”

Summing up the service, they said: “ExpressVPN is an extremely well-rounded virtual private network that really excels when it comes to those blazing fast speeds. The user interface is nice and clean and really easy to navigate, especially if you’re a beginner user. Its privacy credentials and no-logging policy are pretty admirable, and the VPN’s RAM-only servers help to back that up.”

The best ExpressVPN deal will see you pay £91.56 for 12 months (£7.63 per month), plus an additional three months for free, so it actually works out at £4.89 a month for 15 months.

Read the full ExpressVPN review

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Surfshark: Was £10.89 per month, now £2.51 per month, Surfshark.com


Considered the top VPN option for Android users, it also excels in the fact it can be used on an unlimited number of devices. “This is great for families with multiple computers, tablets, and phones no matter what operating system they are using,” noted our writer in our guide to the best VPNs.

It’s also easy to navigate and features a range of privacy tools and connection options. A new two-year subscription costs £50.16. plus tax, which comes to £60.19 for 24 months, or the equivalent of £2.51 a month.

Read the full Surfshark review

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PureVPN: Was £9.70 per month, now £1.76 per month, Purevpn.com


PureVPN is available for a wide range of devices and platforms, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Windows, iOS, Android, Android TV, Amazon Fire stick, Kodi and Linux. When including the service in our roundup of the best VPNs, our reviewer said: “A real highlight is the fact you can use it on 10 devices simultaneously, with PureVPN even recommending you share the login credentials with the family.”

They went on to say: “It supports the ultra-fast WireGuard protocol on all of its apps, as well as split-tunnelling. You can also pay extra for a dedicated IP address and port forwarding, and the really intriguing paid feature is DDoS cyber-attack protection – you don’t see that one on many VPN providers.”

PureVPN is priced at £47.81 for the first 27 months, which works out at £1.99 a month.

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CyberGhost: Was £10.89 per month, now £1.92 per month, Cyberghostvpn.com


Providing access to thousands of servers around the world, CyberGhost is another particularly useful VPN. Sign up to a two-year subscription for £46.01 and you get an additional two months free, which works out at just £1.92 per month for 26 months. This is a substantial saving on the rolling monthly sub, which costs £10.89. In the event that you’re not happy with the service, it includes a 45-day money-back guarantee.

Read the full CyberGhost review

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Private Internet Access: Was £9.99 per month, now £1.67 per month, Privateinternetaccess.com

 (Private Internet Access)
(Private Internet Access)

Commonly known as PIA, this service provides the usual encryption and protection you’d expect from a VPN. According to the brand, it’s easy to use and set up, so make use of the discount on its plans today. With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can always back out if it’s not for you. This deal is billed at £65 for three years, with three free months added on top, which works out at £1.67 per month and amounts to a saving of 83 per cent over a rolling monthly subscription.

Read the full Private Internet Access review

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IPVanish: Was £9.74 per month, now £3.54 per month, IPVanish.com


Safely access the internet wherever you are with IPVanish. Like other VPNs, it will make your IP address anonymous online, but when you sign up for a year, IPVanish throws in 500GB of encrypted online file storage for free.

That makes it easy and secure to send and access files between your devices, as well as stream content from other parts of the world. There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee too, so you can try the VPN before you commit.

Read the full IPVanish review

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Proton VPN: Was £8.64 per month, now £4.31 per month, ProtonVPN.com


Proton VPN made the top spot in our list of the best free VPNs. Our reviewer said: “A free account with Proton VPN limits you to three locations around the globe – the Netherlands, Japan and the US – and just one simultaneous connection. Unlike most free VPNs, your data allowance isn’t capped, meaning you can browse for as long as you want, but your bandwidth is shared with other free users.” For faster VPN speeds we recommend the paid-for version, which is £4.31 per month.

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