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The Best Way to Know Bitcoin is a Conservative Investment

Wes Messamore
A more sober, conservative approach to investing in bitcoin than considering the all-time high price of bitcoin and its future possibilities is to track bitcoin's yearly price lows. | Source: Shutterstock

By CCN.com: Before looking at the best way to know bitcoin is a conservative investment (a very impressive 10 year bitcoin trend that has many investors pouring money into bitcoin)…

Here’s the best way to know bitcoin is not a conservative investment, but a terrible get rich quick scheme, “probably rat poison squared” even, as Warren Buffet calls bitcoin:

Best Way to Know Bitcoin Is Rat Poison Squared

You see bitcoin or another cryptocurrency’s ATH (All Time High) prices going higher and higher, and you think now’s not a bad time for a second mortgage on your house.

Or a first mortgage:

“I’m all in yall! Just took out a 250k loan against my house and put it all into bitcoin. This dip feels like the perfect timing. LETS GOOO!!!”

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