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Best/Worst Daily ETF Returns: ARGT Up 8.72%

Cinthia Murphy

The Global X FTSE Argentina 20 ETF (ARGT - News) was the best-performing exchange-traded fund Tuesday, July 3, tagging on gains of more than 8.7 percent amid rising stock prices.

Tuesday’s gains came as the Dow Jones industrial average rose 0.6 percent, or 72.43 points to close near its intraday high of 12,943.82. The local Argentine stock market was also up Tuesday, along with a rise across many Latin American equities markets.

Interestingly, ARGT’s rise came despite a lack of fresh asset inflows, and has done little to erase the fund’s year-to-date losses of nearly 20 percent. The fund has less than $3 million in assets.

A group of oil-linked strategies were also some of the best-performing funds Tuesday, as investors continued to find good buying opportunities in the energy sector. Oil prices continued to rebound from recent lows.

The United States Oil Fund (USO - News) rallied 4.8 percent on the day, with nearly 14 million shares trading hands. The $1.39 billion fund has tagged on roughly 10 percent in gains in the last five days alone as oil prices rise.

NYMEX crude oil for August delivery ended Tuesday 4.7 percent higher at $87.66 a barrel.

The Market Vectors Unconventional Oil ' Gas ETF (FRAK - News) and a group of oil ETNs also saw gains of at least 4 percent in the day.

On the flip side, a couple of fixed-income funds were among the day’s bottom performers.

The AdvisorShares Madrona Forward Global Bond ETF (FWDB - News) and the Vanguard Extended Duration Treasury ETF (EDV - News) gave up 1.6 percent and 1.3 percent, respectively.

Top 10 1-Day Performers, Excluding Leverage/Inverse Funds and '1,000 Shares Traded

Ticker Name 1-Day Performance 1-Day Volume AUM ($, mm)
ARGT Global X FTSE Argentina 20 8.72% 2,365 2.96
FKO First Trust South Korea AlphaDex 8.59% 1,260 1.13
OIL iPath S'P GSCI Crude Oil Total Return ETN 5.08% 969,763 450.66
GDXJ Market Vectors Junior Gold Miners 5.07% 2,567,100 2,201.88
USO United States Oil 4.80% 13,958,907 1,395.38
FRAK Market Vectors Unconventional Oil ' Gas 4.68% 2,529 16.34
SIL Global X Silver Miners 4.67% 254,216 297.28
UBN ETRACS CMCI Energy Total Return ETN 4.59% 1,810 2.87
JJN iPath Dow Jones-UBS Nickel Total Return ETN 4.48% 1,642 7.36
OLEM iPath Pure Beta Crude Oil ETN 4.43% 2,430 19.39

Bottom 10 1-Day Performers, Excluding Leverage/Inverse Funds and '1,000 Shares Traded

Ticker Name 1-Day Performance 1-Day Volume AUM ($, mm)
CVOL C-Tracks Exchange-Traded Notes on the Citi Volatility -4.78% 11,330 6.43
VXX iPath S'P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures ETN -2.23% 27,828,766 1,539.11
VIXY ProShares VIX Short-Term -2.22% 474,119 132.72
VIIX VelocityShares VIX Short Term ETN -2.21% 390,037 40.05
VXZ iPath S'P 500 VIX Mid-Term Futures ETN -1.85% 190,499 255.37
VIXM ProShares VIX Mid-term -1.73% 7,346 81.64
FWDB AdvisorShares Madrona Forward Global Bond -1.64% 2,418 21.41
LSC ELEMENTS S'P Commodity Trends Indicator - Total Return ETN -1.54% 7,450 28.75
EDV Vanguard Extended Duration Treasury -1.33% 69,446 203.57
GREK Global X FTSE Greece 20 -1.17% 3,180 5.89


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