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Best/Worst Weekly ETF Returns: XME Up 11.4%

Cinthia Murphy

The SPDR S'P Metals and Mining ETF (XME) was one of a group of metals-linked ETFs to rank among the top-performing funds in the week ended Sept. 13, benefiting from higher precious and industrial metals prices as the market looked for better demand thanks to new economic stimulus measures.

The Federal Reserve announcement Thursday that it would kick off a bond-buying program aimed at keeping interest rates low through 2015 boded well for metals prices as well as for the broad stock market. The Dow Jones industrial average rose 1.86 percent in the Thursday-to-Thursday period, tagging on 247 points in the week. The S'P 500 Index was also up nearly 2 percent in the same period.

Interestingly, the single-best-performing ETF of the week was the Russell Small Cap Aggressive Growth ETF (SGGG), which inked gains of 19.4 percent in five days. SGGG is one of the 25 Russell funds slated to close on Oct. 9 and be liquidated by Oct. 24.

SGGG tracks an index that's designed to replicate the performance of professional investment managers using what the company calls a small-cap aggressive growth investment discipline. Essentially, SGGG invests in companies that are expected to see near-term forecast earnings beat competitors' earnings growth.

The $6.5 million fund is heavily allocated to technology and health care names; the two sectors represent nearly half of the portfolio, but individual stock weightings are very small, with the top 10 holdings representing only 7.5 percent of the total pie.

On the flip side, aside from a number of VIX-related strategies ranking among the week's bottom performers, a couple of Treasury funds were also in the mix.

Yields on 10-Year Treasury notes soared 5.3 percent in the five-day period ended Thursday, hitting 1.76 percent. Yields move inversely to bond prices.

The Vanguard Extended Duration Treasury ETF (EDV) dropped 4 percent in the week, while the Pimco 25+ Year Zero Coupon U.S. Treasury ETF (ZROZ) slipped 4.4 percent.

Top 10 Weekly Performers, Excluding Leverage/Inverse Funds and '1,000 Shares Traded

Ticker Name Weekly Performance Weekly Volume AUM ($, mm)
SGGG Russell Small Cap Aggressive Growth 19.44% 2,003 6.54
GREK Global X FTSE Greece 20 17.57% 633,248 18.23
JJM iPath Dow Jones-UBS Industrial Metals Total Return ETN 14.14% 9,557 37.84
CAFE iPath Pure Beta Coffee ETN 13.73% 28,540 1.62
JO iPath Dow Jones-UBS Coffee Total Return ETN 13.16% 485,521 35.31
PSTL PowerShares Global Steel 12.95% 4,212 2.05
REMX Market Vectors Rare Earth/Strategic Metals 11.60% 657,814 168.33
CU First Trust ISE Global Copper 11.46% 177,592 45.82
XME SPDR S'P Metals and Mining 11.46% 22,369,615 941.93
LEDD iPath Pure Beta Lead ETN 11.23% 1,306 0.80

Bottom 10 Weekly Performers, Excluding Leverage/Inverse Funds and '1,000 Shares Traded

Ticker Name Weekly Performance Weekly Volume AUM ($, mm)
VIIX VelocityShares VIX Short Term ETN -11.09% 1,263,151 17.40
VXX iPath S'P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures ETN -11.08% 271,015,103 1,657.57
VIXY ProShares VIX Short-Term -10.92% 5,852,670 155.75
VIXM ProShares VIX Mid-term -9.04% 340,771 99.38
VXZ iPath S'P 500 VIX Mid-Term Futures ETN -8.81% 4,381,136 172.23
CVOL C-Tracks Exchange-Traded Notes on the Citi Volatility -6.64% 357,564 4.57
FUE ELEMENTS MLCX Biofuels Total Return ETN -4.91% 3,700 1.89
ZROZ PIMCO 25+ Year Zero Coupon U.S. Treasury -4.47% 259,528 99.68
GWO ELEMENTS Credit Suisse Global Warming ETN -4.28% 3,087 2.86
EDV Vanguard Extended Duration Treasury -4.08% 214,281 189.01

Disclaimer:All data as of 6 a.m. Eastern time the date the article is published. Data is believed to be accurate; however, transient market data is often subject to subsequent revision and correction by the exchanges.

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