Better Breathing Sport Announces Tim Cahill-Backed Sports Enhancement Product Launched for Athletes

Canberra, Australia--(Newsfile Corp. - August 8, 2022) - Better Breathing Sport launches a new performance enhancement device in the market aimed at athletes and general gym goers. Tim Cahill-backed Better Breathing Sport devices aim to solve this burning issue of a proper breathing technique during intense physical activity.

Better Breathing Sport

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With a device created for adults and one for children, Better Breathing Sport is the world's first breathing resistance device of its kind. Incorporating dual resistance 'lung weight' settings, the device utilises vibration for optimised lung performance to enable athletes not only more endurance, but the ability to work out and perform more comfortably.

Tim Cahill is a strong endorser of the brand and likes to use it as part of a warm-up before exercise. Using the Better Breathing Sport device helps prepare the body for whatever workout one is about to do.

With the design and testing process beginning in 2021, the Better Breathing sport device has evolved into a user-friendly device that positively impacts various aspects of life and activities. Allowing optimised oxygen delivery and capacity, as well as effective lung hygiene clearance, this innovative device;

- Improves training and workout times.
- Enables athletes to gain vital time in sports.
- Increases energy levels.
- Shortens recovery times.
- Improves sleep.
- Is a great aid for other health and wellness activities, such as meditation.

Wanting to create change in the sporting world, the passionate founders of Better Breathing Sport have done just that. By tacking on something often overlooked, their vision of improved breathing is now available worldwide.

Better Breathing Sport Device additionally helps to boost athletic performance of the users, backed by industry leading research and developments. Check out the device today by heading to the website here.

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