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Beware of 'Drive-By' Advice from Gurus

Tara Hunt

Originally published by Tara Hunt on LinkedIn: Beware of 'Drive-By' Advice from Gurus

No, social media isn't rocket science or brain surgery, but if it's done right, it IS well thought out and strategic. And thought out and strategic has a much higher chance of being effective and achieving your goals.

So, when you get a so-called 'social media guru' delving out advice without taking the time to know the audience or the landscape, what you are getting is not only unhelpful, but potentially harmful.

This week's video is all about how that drive-by advice is not only harmful to a brand, but also to the discipline as a whole. Lawyers won't give legal advice without knowing the full picture. Accountants won't give advice without knowing your full financial story. Doctors won't diagnose you without testing. Even PR professionals don't offer off-the-cuff advice without taking note of the landscape.

We take lawyers, accountants, doctors and many other professionals seriously because they actually take the time to learn about our individual situations, then give recommendations. Even better, they stick around to implement and adjust if needed. That's really what social media professionals (and marketing - digital and otherwise) need to do as well.

If you ever want to be taken seriously, stop it. Strategy isn't tactics.


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