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Beyond Zero Debuts Liquor Freezing Technology At The 2017 National Restaurant Association Show

CHICAGO, May 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Beyond Zero, Inc. announces the debut of the industry's first frozen liquor ice system at the 2017 National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago, Illinois May 20-23. Comprised of an ice maker capable of freezing liquor into ice cubes and a specialized freezer to store them, the Beyond Zero Ice System aims to innovate beverage service by enabling the creation of an entirely new category of premium cocktails.

The Beyond Zero Ice System is the first to freeze liquor into ice, opening up new possibilities for the creation of signature drink cocktails.

"We're putting the liquor "in the rocks" rather than "on the rocks," said Beyond Zero founder and inventor Jason Sherman. "Our breakthrough technology now makes it possible to freeze liquor into solid ice so instead of watered down drinks, consumers can now enjoy chilled drinks with the full intensity of flavor intact."

Capable of automatically freezing pure liquor, wine or mixed cocktails into ice in a matter of just minutes, the ice maker is the first commercially available device of its kind. It's now possible to serve cocktails that stay cold yet aren't diluted with melting ice. Beyond Zero also offers other creative new cocktail possibilities such as combining more than one liquor together in ice, making ice in different colors or providing drinks that get stronger – not weaker – as ice melts. Using it, establishments that serve alcohol can profit from delivering a fun, novel and deliciously different experience to their customers.

Together as a system, the ice maker and storage freezer are plug-in appliances designed to operate in commercial environments. Once frozen by the ice maker, the liquor ice may be stored until served in the specialized storage freezer.  The storage freezer also gives users the ability of freezing alcohol into custom shapes and sizes using various ice molds. Overall, the system gives bartenders a quick, efficient way to make cocktails colder, smoother, and stronger in contrast to a cocktail served or shaken over traditional ice.

"Beyond Zero machines open up entirely new creative possibilities for restaurants and bars to make exciting new signature drinks, which increase their profits and popularity," said Sherman. "In its simplest form, Beyond Zero improves any neat or straight spirit with the addition of frozen cubes of the same kind of liquor because it's not diluted and cold, which results in a smoother taste profile. It's so amazing that you can also make a cocktail that transforms into another cocktail as the liquor cubes melt, and more. The only limit is your own imagination!"

The Beyond Zero Ice System is a solution for a complete cocktail ice program.  The machines are available for pre-order at www.bzice.com/contact and expected to ship early August 2017.

About Beyond Zero
Beyond Zero is based in Louisville, KY. Founded by Jason Sherman, the focus for Beyond Zero is creating ice machines that elevate the beverage experience by freezing liquor, revolutionizing the cocktail experience. To learn more about Beyond Zero, visit www.bzice.com or email info@bzice.com

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