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'BH90210' fans are freaking out over La La Anthony casting

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

La La Anthony’s casting on BH90210 — that’s the Beverly Hills, 90210 reboot expected Aug. 7 — has show loyalists freaking out, but they seem to be missing the premise of the show.

The casting news is making its way across social media today — with a boost from Anthony’s pal Kim Kardashian, who is very excited — and it also had people upset. They thought the news that Anthony will be playing Brian Austin Green’s wife on the show was a “major spoiler” and that David and Donna were no longer.

La La Anthony has joined the cast of BH90210 playing fictional Brian Austin Green's wife. (Photo: Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

A few of the reactions:

But these heartbroken fans have missed the basic premise of the show. The actors from the original series, which ran from 1990 to 2000, are actually playing fictionalized versions of themselves on the new show (think: Matt LeBlanc playing a dopey version of himself on Episodes and Larry David being a heightened version of himself on Curb Your Enthusiasm). So Anthony playing Green’s wife isn’t changing the history of the characters Donna and David. She’s not married to David Silver.

Brian Austin Green and Tori Spelling played David and Donna on Beverly Hills, 90210. (Photo: mikel roberts/Sygma via Getty Images)

Making the concept of the show a bit trickier to grasp, the fictionalized versions of the stars — also including Tori Spelling, Jennie Garth, Jason Priestley, Ian Ziering, Gabrielle Carteris — will be on a show on the show. Green said on his podcast that fans “are going to get to see ... all the characters ... in their forties. We’ll be playing them again.” But there’s “more behind the scenes” showing the “process of making that show,” which they plan on airing as well.

“It is a reboot. It is a meta reboot. People are getting hung up on [us playing] heightened versions of ourselves,” Green said. “But Larry David on Curb Your Enthusiasm is a heightened version of himself. That’s not actually his wife or his house or his office... It’s him playing himself ... but it’s then fictionalized ... some of [the plot lines] are real and some aren’t. You don’t question it. It’s just entertaining.”

Green said that not playing David Silver again was a selling point, explaining, “For us as actors, I don’t want to just play David Silver anymore. I spent 10 years doing that and I’ve done tons of sh** since then. I understand that people love the character but that’s what Hulu is for, that’s what DVDs are for.”

So Anthony’s role isn’t changing anything between David and Donna — the first 90210 reboot broke them up anyway — but it is erasing the existence of Green’s real-life wife, Megan Fox, whom he has been (mostly) married to since 2010.

What is known about the new Mrs. Green is that her name is Shay. Deadline described Anthony’s character as a superstar hip-hop/pop artist, who’s the breadwinner in the family. Green’s star is dimmer in comparison, reports the website. He’s a stay-at-home dad raising their three kids. (In real life, he has four kids — three boys with Fox and a teen son with ex Vanessa Marcil.)

Production is already underway in Vancouver — and, frankly, we can’t wait to see what else gets revamped. Like — wlll Tori Spelling get a husband upgrade? We’ll have to tune in and see.

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