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The 'Big Brother' season finale ending that no one was expecting

Kylie Mar
Host & Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

One of the most dramatic and explosive seasons of Big Brother has come to an end.

The “Meatball,” Josh Martinez, won the final Head of Household competition, so the meatball was in his court because he had the power to choose whom he would take to the final two and compete against for the $500,000 prize: the veteran, Paul Abrahamian, or the girl with the broken foot, Christmas Abbott. “I just think about jury, and I think about how many people are pissed off at me in jury, and how many people I’ve upset in jury, and I think I have a better chance, call me crazy, sitting next to Paul in the end,” said Josh.

Like him or not, Paul, who was the runner-up last year, arguably played the best game the entire season by maintaining full control over the entire house. When it came time for him to explain why he believed he should win Big Brother, and the half-million-dollar prize, his reasoning made sense.

“Every time I won H.O.H., I won the veto that came with it, which meant when I was in power I had full control of my week,” said Paul. “I still fought my way to this point right here without ever touching the block one single time this entire season. That’s not by luck. That’s not by friendship. But that’s by playing the hell out of Big Brother, which is exactly what I came here to do.” Unfortunately, even though the houseguests followed him all too willingly while in the house, once evicted they realized they had been played and, even though they knew Paul was playing the game, they didn’t respect his blatant lies and manipulation.

In the end, the jury just couldn’t get over their bitter resentment, and Paul almost lost it as he realized that history was repeating itself. With four votes for Josh and four votes for Paul, it was Cody Nickson’s vote that would be the tiebreaker, which pretty much meant that Paul’s fate was sealed. But it still seemed like everyone was shocked when host Julie Chen announced Josh as Big Brother Season 19’s winner.

Congratulations, ya big Meatball!

The Big Brother season finale aired Wednesday, Sept. 20, at 8 p.m. on CBS.

Check out Paul Abrahamian breaking down and showing real emotion for the first time:

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