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Big Data & Data Analytics Market in Homeland Security and Public Safety: 2017-2022

LONDON, Feb. 21, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Global Market for Big Data and Data Analytics in Homeland Security and Public Safety is Forecast to Reach $11B in 2022

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The "Big Data & Data Analytics, Homeland Security & Public Safety: Global Market 2017-2022" report forecasts that this industry's revenues will grow at a 2015-2022 CAGR of 17.5%, reaching $11 Billion by 2022.The use of big data and data analytics by Homeland Security, Public Safety organizations and intelligence agencies is on the rise, mostly because the world is becoming more digital and connected. This is creating new opportunities, not only for data collection and storage, but also for intelligence processing, exploitation, dissemination, and analysis. Big data and data analytics technologies can increase the investigative capabilities of intelligence organizations in many relevant aspects, including: war on crime & terror, defense from cyber-attacks, public safety, disaster and mass incident management, and development of predictive capabilities. All fields of Intelligence benefit from growth in big data including Osint Market, Sigint Market, Cyber defense activities, financial investigations

We forecast that the big data and data analytics in Homeland Security and Public Safety market in Asia Pacific and Europe to grow rapidly, with CAGR in the low 20s, especially due to the Chinese and Western European markets.

The global big data and data analytics in Homeland Security and Public Safety market are boosted by the following drivers:
- The increased use of smartphones, wearables, and other smart connected devices (cars, machines, IoT, etc.), which will continue to create enormous amounts of information that Homeland Security and Public Safety organizations can use to their advantage, mostly in Sigint (signal intelligence) related activities.
- Technological advancements in data collection, storage, analytics, and visualization, which will allow organizations to increase the amount of data they generate, as well as to produce more actionable intelligence to support real-time decision making.
- Increased investment in data analysis and visualization capabilities by Homeland Security and Public Safety organizations, which act as a major catalyst for the implementation of big data and data analytics solutions.
- The adoption of cloud technology by governmental agencies, which will also act as a stimulus towards analytics implementation. Given that most organizations do not have the in-house infrastructure to support big data analytics, several of them must turn to cloud solutions, which will make the use of data analytics easier.
- The cost of data storage, which continues to decrease and encourage a move to the cloud.
- The growing generation of data-aware and data professionals – HLS data scientists.
- The rise of state-of-the-art attack technologies (e.g., cyber-warfare, encrypted communication, cyber-crime, chemical warfare agents, and GPS jammers) as well as other advanced techniques employed by terror organizations (such as, ISIS and state-sponsored terror groups) and other 21st century criminals, which make it harder for Homeland Security and Public Safety organizations to track them down. Big data and data analytics is one of the preferred ways to deal with this new reality.
- Direct threats to country-level national security and public safety are on the rise and have evolved from large-scale nation-to-nation conflicts to more pinpointed and contained ones. These threats, such as terrorism, natural disasters, organized crime, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and cybercrime have changed the way nations are dealing with national security issues.
- The new security threats and risks to national safety will force Homeland Security and Public Safety organizations to adopt technologies that are better equipped to deal with advanced operations. These Intelligence systems generate massive amounts of data and may increase the market for big data and data analytics in Homeland Security and Public Safety.

This market report, covering big data and data analytics in Homeland Security and Public Safety organizations, is a valuable resource for executives interested in Big Data Intelligence markets. It has been explicitly customized for potential investors, big data and data analytics companies, Intelligence agencies as well as security and government decision makers, to enable them to benchmark business plans, as well as identify business opportunities, emerging technologies, market trends, and risks.

Questions answered in this market report include:
- What will be the market size of the big data and data analytics in Homeland Security and Public Safety in 2017-2022? What will the relevant trends be during that time?
- Which submarkets in this field provide attractive business opportunities?
- Which countries are expected to invest most in big data and data analytics capabilities within Homeland Security and Public Safety organizations?
- Which distinctive data sources will be used by Homeland Security and Public Safety agencies and which technologies will be needed in order to exploit them?
- Which market sectors are estimated to make greater use of big data and data analytics capabilities?
- What are the big data and data analytics in Homeland Security and Public Safety market drivers and inhibitors?

The market analysis examines big data and data analytics spending in the Homeland Security and Public Safety market in terms of 5 key independent aspects: vertical markets, countries, technologies, technology subtypes, and data sources. Each aspect is analyzed thoroughly to better understand the market and the business opportunities it holds. These aspects and the corresponding analysis include:
- 19 national markets
- 9 vertical markets
- 3 technology markets
- 6 technology submarkets
- 9 distinctive data source markets

The homeland security big data market report presents in 450 pages, 85 tables and 205 figures, analysis of 19 national, 9 vertical, 9 technological markets and 9 distinctive data sources. The report presents for each submarket 2015 data, 2016 estimate and projects the 2017-2022 market forecast and technologies.

Market data is analyzed via 5 key independent perspectives:
With a highly-fragmented market, we address the "money trail" – each dollar spent – via the following 5 orthogonal market segments:

By 19 National Markets:
- Canada
- Germany
- France
- UK
- Italy
- Spain
- Australia
- India
- China
- South Korea
- Japan
- Brazil
- Mexico
- Colombia
- South Africa
- Kenya
- Nigeria

By 9 Vertical Markets:
- Government Intelligence Agencies
- Law Enforcement and 1st Responders such as police intelligence
- Defense/Military Intelligence
- Financial Services Industry & Fraud Detection
- Cyber Security
- Border Control & Customs
- Mass Transportation (Air, Sea & Land)
- Intelligence Fusion Centers
- Critical Infrastructure Security

By 3 Technological Markets:
- Big Data Hardware
- Big Data Software
- Big Data Services

By 6 Technological submarkets:
- Storage & Communications Equipment
- Data Warehouses & Data Management
- Analytics and Visualization Applications
- Compute
- Professional Services

By 9 Distinctive Data Sources:
- Communications – Sigint (including GPS) – Big Data in Signal Intelligence market
- Video
- Cyber Security Related Data
- OSINT Market – Open Source Intelligence (Social Media and Web)
- Government DBs
- Financial- Financial Intelligence
- Geospatial
- Customs/Border Sources
- Vehicle Data – (Car Intelligence – Carint)

The Big Data in HLS Market report presents leading companies operating in the market by technology (profiles, products and contact information):
- Storage and Data Warehouse – Teradata, Oracle, Microsoft, Dell, Cisco Systems, Hadoop Systems
- Compute Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine
- SQL and NoSQL – SAP, Redis Labs, MongoDB
- Data Analytics – Palantir, Splunk, IBM, HP Enterprise, SAS, Hitachi Data Systems, BAE Systems, Actian, Raytheon
- Data Visualization – Tableau Software, TIBCO Software, QlikView, MicroStrategy
- Professional Services – Accenture, PwC, Deloitte
Download the full report: https://www.reportbuyer.com/product/4708257/

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