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Big Forge Games as a comprehensive Metaverse solution for the GameFi and Crypto industries

BFG, Wednesday, September 21, 2022, Press release picture
BFG, Wednesday, September 21, 2022, Press release picture

The market has grown at very short notice, however the gaming experience is still a work in progress, and the players are experimenting by choosing different game platforms that provide unique in-game opportunities with many ways of monetization. The appetite seems to be growing, but the best solution is not found yet: a large number of gaming platforms integrate blockchain technology following the market trends, but most of them have only one or a couple of games to support all ecosystems.

As a result, after searching and finding the games of the different genres that meet all the desires and requirements, the players have to juggle between projects platforms and earn different tokens. The lack of functioning complex projects is one of the most important problems of the industry at the moment.

Big Forge Games is launching a single ecosystem of multi-genre games, united by a metaverse

Big Forge Games, a metaverse gaming platform built with an application of the cutting-edge blockchain technology and combining crypto industry trends such as NFT, GameFi, Metaverse and Web3, is launching a decentralized gaming platform that is set to be the first to combine the latest blockchain trends along with the traditional gaming industry tools.

This is the only space with diverse assets where players, crypto-enthusiasts, developers, and investors can contribute together to the creation of new game concepts, modes, features, and content. Consisting of highly qualified specialists with extensive development experience, the BFG team strives to provide an opportunity to explore and realize the endless possibilities of human imagination.

BFG Metaverse creating the ultimate gaming environment for gamers

BFG-verse is the first initiative to establish a unique multichain Metaverse that combines aspects of the digital and physical worlds providing complete freedom of expression to its users. The team creates a stunning gaming space not only for digital user interaction, but also for content creation, collaboration, promotion, or entertainment. And that's not all the benefits you get - the virtual space provides users with digital assets such as NFTs in the form of in-game skins, tokenized lands, buildings, and monetary value.

$BFG holders may take advantage of a variety of perks, including community participation, and additional rewards for completing quests and tasks.

Thus, the full potential of Metaverse will be achieved: as the main function of the BFG-verse Meta City is the communication between players of different games, where they can interact with each other socially or through trade demonstrating their achievements and assets, there is no longer need to switch between gaming platforms that meet all your needs. The BFG team strives to create a game world that anyone can join and enjoy their own existence in the only virtual world.

BFG platform allows NFT holders to maximize benefits

The BFG team creates a system, which includes a variety of digital assets; it will provide the opportunity to use them for improving gameplay or for further monetization. The intra-platform Cross-Game NFT and Functional NFT goods are more than just collector's items. Players can use them to run special functions and game modes that can add additional features to both the gameplay and the interaction of platform users. Giving NFT assets special features will increase their uniqueness and demand among players. A wide range of functional NFTs will include ultra rare items, which can be obtained by staking $BFG or BFG land. Players become the true and permanent owners of their digital items. With blockchain, every game element can be tokenized, allowing players to decide how they want to dispose of it.

Following a staged roadmap, the project starts with the launch of the unique Genesis NFT Collection in Q4, 2022. The collection is poised to reward the early birds, who managed to recognize the potential of the BFG project at the early stage of its development, with benefits related to the mint price.

In the meantime the team is planning to reveal a series of features and platform add-ons, including pre-Alpha versions of the first 7 games.




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