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Big Squid Expands its Industry-leading Integrations with Qlik to Provide Business Leaders and Analysts with On-demand Predictions from Their Qlik Data in Milliseconds

Big Squid, the global leader in automated machine learning, today announced powerful new second-generation capabilities with Qlik Sense that allow customers to run predictions on their real-time data in Qlik Sense and access them in milliseconds -- all directly within a Qlik Sense application.

SALT LAKE CITY, May 14, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Big Squid has long been an innovator in bringing automated machine learning to Qlik, one of the most adopted and respected business intelligence platforms. The first-generation Big Squid integration allowed Qlik Sense users to ingest data from Qlik Sense applications, run machine learning predictions in Kraken, and then round-trip those predictions natively back to any Qlik Sense application through daily batch processes.

Big Squid's new second-generation integration expands on this substantially by allowing users to run predictions on their real-time Qlik Sense data and then access those predictions on-demand from within their Qlik Sense applications in milliseconds. This enhanced integration empowers business leaders and analysts to derive faster data-driven insights as their underlying business data changes and evolves, and then take immediate action from these new real-time predictions.

"This announcement sets the standard for what can be achieved at the intersection of business intelligence and machine learning technologies. Qlik's emphasis on augmented intelligence is a natural fit with the ability to extend one's analytics reporting to what is likely to happen next. The application of machine learning to produce insights quickly in Qlik (augmented intelligence) and be able to view those insights in the future (Kraken) are complementary and revolutionary in the analytics market," says Nick Magnuson, Big Squid's VP of Product.

Kraken supports integrations with Qlik Sense (via fully supported integrations using Qlik and Kraken APIs) and Qlikview (via file upload).

"Customers want to more quickly surface and leverage deeper insights from data for both current business priorities and future strategy," said Mike Foster, Vice President, Strategic Partners-Technology, Qlik. "Incorporating Qlik's augmented intelligence with Big Squid's machine learning within the same Qlik analytics environment directly enhances the user's ability to increase their data literacy and the overall value of data to the business."

Big Squid notes it already has many customers utilizing the integration between Kraken and Qlik Sense.