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Bigmouth Strikes Again: Morrissey's most controversial quotes

Roisin O'Connor

Morrissey has issued the latest in a string of outbursts against the media, "lefties", and criticism of his previous controversial comments.

In an interview with his nephew that was published on his own website, the former Smiths frontman and now solo artist reaffirmed his support for far-right political party For Britain, and said that while he doesn't like Nigel Farage's politics he thinks he would make "a great prime minister".

“The UK is a dangerously hateful place now, and I think we need someone to put a stop to the lunacy and to speak for everyone,” he said. “I see [For Britain leader] Anne Marie Waters as this person. She is extremely intelligent, ferociously dedicated to this country, she is very engaging, and also very funny at times.”

When asked about how he felt at being called a racist for various controversial comments he has made in the past, he responded: “If you call someone racist in modern Britain you are telling them that you have run out of words. You are shutting the debate down and running off. The word is meaningless now. Everyone ultimately prefers their own race … does this make everyone racist?”

Click through the gallery to see more of Morrissey's controversial comments:

Many Morrissey fans have found it increasingly difficult to separate the man from the music, as noted by The Independent's critic Helen Brown in her review of his latest album, California Son.