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Bill Cosby: How much time will 80-year-old comedian and actor spend in prison?

Clark Mindock
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Bill Cosby: How much time will 80-year-old comedian and actor spend in prison?

Comedian Bill Cosby has been found guilty on three felony counts of aggravated indecent assault in Pennsylvania, and could face a hefty prison sentence of up to 30 years for the 2004 crime.

Cosby was convicted unanimously after his retrial, which allowed prosecutors to bring a much greater berth of evidence and testimony against the man once seen as the American ideal of a father.

His first trial ended mistrial last year when jurors could not agree on his culpability in June.

Cosby has faced dozens of sexual misconduct allegations in the past, spanning decades of alleged assaults against women.

The charges brought against him in the case decided Thursday stem from accusations by one woman, Andrea Constand, 45, who came forward to say that Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her in his home in January of 2004 while she was an employee of Philadelphia’s Temple University.

The comedian, who is 80, faces a maximum 10-year prison sentence for each conviction, and a fine up to $25,000.

It is unclear at this point whether he will be given a 30-year-sentence, however, and experts say that it is likely that Mr Cosby would be able to argue successfully that the charges should be combined for sentencing purposes as they all cover the same incident and encounter, according to ABC News.

Even so, the comedian is likely to be in prison until he is at least 85-years-old, if the judge follows state sentencing guidelines.

Immediately after the verdict was handed down, prosecutors argued to the judge that Cosby’s $1m bail should be revoked because he has, essentially, unlimited wealth and a private plane at his disposal.

Cosby, angered at the implication that he would flee following his sentencing, shouted across the courtroom at the time.

“Doesn’t matter that I have a plane, you a**hole!” he shouted.

The judge denied the request. Mr Cosby’s sentencing trial will occur within 90 days.

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