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Bill Gates Got One Lucky Reddit User An Incredibly Thoughtful Secret Santa Gift

For the last four years, thousands of Redditors have participated in a Reddit Secret Santa gift exchange. A whopping 212,894 users signed up this year, including — for the second year running — Bill Gates.

His gift ended up being incredibly thoughtful. User Calid7, a 25-year-old woman named Cali, writes that she was in shock when she discovered that Gates was her Santa.

Not only did he send her a Loki helmet she had listed as her "pie in the sky wish," but he also gifted her a book of gorgeous pictures of Africa (a place she says she desperately wants to visit), a stuffed polio virus microbe, and a donation in her name to Shot@Life, a program that provides vaccines to kids in poor countries who need them.

Here's Cali posing in her helmet with the signed note from Gates:

Bill Gates Reddit Gifts
Bill Gates Reddit Gifts

Reddit Gifts

Cali writes that the donation made her glow: "I can't even begin to describe how incredible it makes me feel knowing that he made this donation in my name! I always donate what I can for charities, which is never much cause money is always extremely tight, it really makes me glow!"

The inscription in the book Gates got Cali reads, "Melinda and I have been to Africa many times and loved it. I hope you get a chance to visit and check that off your bucket list. Merry Christmas, Bill Gates."

" I can not [sic] believe it. I am literally shaking right now," Cali writes of getting Gates as her Secret Santa. "I AM IN SHOCK."

You can read Cali's full reaction on Reddit Gifts.

Last year, Gates gave a Reddit user named Rachel a stuffed cow, representing the real cow he'd donated in her name to Heifer International, and a National Geographic travel book called "Journeys of a Lifetime."

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