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Billionaire Tim Draper Invests $1.1M into a Startup that is Changing the Way People Network

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 28, 2020 / Technology is the biggest boon of the modern age, constantly innovating how we see the world around us and how we interact with it. Its rapid development has made things a whole lot easier, but it has also had a negative impact, especially in certain social aspects of human connection. Humans are social beings; we find great value in making new and meaningful connections as well as maintaining long-lasting and great friendships.

However, a recent worrying trend in the modern age is that personal interactions have become devalued, a recent study found that 87% of millennials admit to missing out on a real-life conversation with someone nearby because they were distracted by their phones.

Most people turn to their phones to avoid the so-called awkward eye contact, trying to distract themselves, so they seem busy, and people won't approach them and initiate a conversation. It might be second nature to most people living in the modern age, but they constantly do this whether they're at a café waiting for a friend, traveling, eating, or just plain sitting alone. The effects of social media have gripped us into becoming less social individuals in real life, often leaving us feeling alone even if we're connected to others online.

One way that we have remedied this fracture in social interactions and real-life networking is through a piece of paper called a business card. Business cards are cards that contain all of our personal contact information printed in bulk to pass around to people that we meet. But do business cards really help us stay connected?

This is where Blue comes in to solve all of the problems stated and more. Blue is both a mobile app and a Smart Card that introduces you to people you cross paths with in real life. It uses Bluetooth low energy and Near Field Communication (NFC) that allows you to interact with people and things nearby with or without them having the Blue mobile app downloaded.

With their latest announcements, Blue has raised a Series Seed round of $1.1M from Billionaire VC Tim Draper, who has previously backed Tesla, SpaceX, Coinbase, and Baidu. People now have the opportunity to invest alongside billionaire Tim Draper.

Blue is creating so much value in the way that we interact with each other and connect. It is helping bridge the gap between the rapidly changing times and the need for humans to have a personal and intimate connection with other people. Social media just doesn't cut it. There is much more nuance in personal conversations that social media just doesn't capture. That's where the Blue Smart Card and App can help. It helps people connect with real people in real-time, allowing them to foster meaningful social connections by using their phones to introduce themselves but without the phone as a crutch for the actual interaction. It's a truly innovative approach that reinvents the way we network and connect with our fellow humans.

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