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Bills’ strategy to stop Giants: “Force them to throw”

Michael David Smith

The Bills’ defense thought its best chance of beating the Giants today was to take Saquon Barkley out of the game and make Eli Manning run the show.

So when the Giants started the game with a five-play, 75-yard drive that consisted of five runs and ended with a Barkley touchdown, the Bills knew they had to change things up.

“We knew that if we tried to force them to throw more,” Bills safety Micah Hyde told Matt Lombardo of NJ.com. “They’re a totally different offense when they have to throw the ball.”

Manning had a rough game again, renewing calls to bench him for Daniel Jones. Giants coach Pat Shurmur insists he’s not changing quarterbacks, but until he does, opposing defenses will surely continue to try to make Manning beat them.