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Biocept Gets Japanese Patent Covering Microchannel And Antibody Capture

R. Chandrasekaran

Biocept, Inc. (NASDAQ: BIOC) revealed that Japan has granted patent #5923035 for devices and methods of cell capture and analysis. The company indicated that the patent covered the use of antibodies in the capture of rare cells, like circulating tumor cells (CTCs) from blood and other biological fluids.

Biocept said its antibody capture cocktail, along with the microchannel, were the key components of its Cell Enrichment and Extraction (CEE) platform providing for the high-efficiency capture, visualization and microscopic analysis of targeted cells used by physicians for medical-decision making.

The company's President and CEO, Michael Nall, commented, "We anticipate a growing international movement toward the use of liquid biopsy as a viable means of reducing healthcare system costs and importantly, helping physicians in making treatment decisions for their patients with cancer. We are aggressively broadening our U.S. and international patent protection for our unique methods of capturing and analyzing cancer cells in blood and other biological fluids to capitalize on this momentum. Strengthening our IP protection is an important strategic component as we expand our global reach while building value for our shareholders."

Biocept Chief Scientific Officer, Lyle Arnold, "With the addition of this grant in Japan, we now have 13 total U.S. and international issued patents covering the use of antibodies in the capture of cancer cells in combination with our microchannel. Our antibody cocktail is key in our proprietary method to capture and analyze cells from a wide variety of tumor types and includes the use of blood as well as other biological sample types for obtaining valuable biomarker information that can be used by physicians to personalize treatment of individual patients."

On Tuesday, the stock traded down by 2.26 percent.

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