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Biogen seeks approval of hemophilia A treatment

WESTON, Mass. (AP) -- Biogen Idec has filed for federal marketing approval of a longer-lasting treatment for hemophilia A.

Biogen says the drug rFVIIIFc can be injected once or twice a week, while other treatments for hemophilia A need to be injected three or four times a week. The drug could be the first major advance in the treatment of hemophilia in more than 20 years, the company said Tuesday.

Hemophilia is a rare, inherited disease that affects blood clotting. Hemophilia A occurs in approximately one out of every 5,000 male births. Those with the disease don't have enough of a blood clotting protein called factor VIII.

On March 4, Biogen said the Food and Drug Administration was reviewing its marketing application for a treatment for hemophilia B, which is less common and is caused by a different deficiency.

Shares of Biogen Idec Inc. rose $1.04 to $175.18 in morning trading.