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B'IOTA BOTANICALS Provides U.S. Consumers With Clinically-Shown Herbal Products for Thinning Hair

B'IOTA BOTANICALS Provides U.S. Consumers with Clinically-Shown Herbal Products for Thinning Hair Click here for high-resolution version

GREENWICH, CT--(Marketwired - Apr 4, 2013) -  The new trend in hair care is not a cut, or a color, or a style. Instead, it is the promise of thicker, fuller-looking hair. One of the biggest hair issues plaguing most women today is thinning hair and it is expected that they are striving for much more than just fattening up baby-fine hair.

While it seems as though there are a lot of "Janes-come-lately" to the fight against falling strands, it's nothing new for B'IOTA Botanical Laboratories

For more than a decade, scientists and dermatologists at B'IOTA, the European-based Laboratories, have created herbal-based products that promote health, wellness and well-being. "Our goal is to provide individuals concerned about thinning hair, and even those who aren't, with an effective, pleasing hair care experience that restores their crowning glory," explains Dr. Ozden Kasimogullari, Director of Research & Development, B'IOTA Botanical Laboratories.

With the recent U.S. launch, American consumers can benefit from B'IOTA's clinically-tested Herbal Shampoos and Advanced Herbal Serum, which are now available online and at retailers across the country. The products' exclusive ingredient, herbal complex BIOXSINE, is a unique, proprietary blend of herbal extracts that includes vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids that works directly at the root of hair and nourishes the scalp to encourage stronger, thicker, fuller and faster-growing hair. An independent clinical trial conducted by The University of Pavia in Italy shows that B'IOTA's combination of ingredients brings new hope to those who have weak, damaged and thinning hair.

The Results

  • At the end of the 6-month study, more than 97% of study participants who used both the serum and the shampoo together said their hair grew faster, thicker, stronger and fuller. Furthermore, more than 92% of participants noticed less hair fall due to damage since they started using B'IOTA Shampoo and Serum. 
  • More than 83% of study participants using B'IOTA BOTANICALS Shampoo alone said they noticed their hair grew faster and more densely than before.
  • Results were higher when B'IOTA BOTANICALS Advanced Serum was used in conjunction with BIOTA BOTANICALS Shampoo on a daily basis.
  • The study participants' observations were corroborated by and reflected in the quantitative results of the study.

For faster and optimal results, it is best to use both B'IOTA BOTANICALS Shampoo and Advanced Herbal Serum together. 

*Results of 6-month, placebo controlled, independent clinical study of B'IOTA BOTANCALS Herbal Shampoo for Thinning & Damaged Hair plus and Advanced Herbal Scalp Serum.

About B'IOTA Botanical Laboratories
For more than a decade, B'IOTA Botanical Laboratories has been a leading and trusted expert in herbal hair- and skin care solutions for thousands of loyal consumers throughout Europe. Our derma-cosmetic skin and hair care products are developed by scientists and dermatologists and clinically tested for safety and effectiveness by Germany-based Dermatest, a leader in clinical testing for skin and hair care products. B'IOTA BOTANICALS' exclusive herbal compounds feature plants and herbs with properties that Europeans have long turned to for health, beauty and wellness benefits.

B'IOTA Botanical Laboratories was founded in 2002 and is headquartered in Istanbul. With a recent $50 million expansion, B'IOTA is now the third largest pharmaceutical-grade cosmetics manufacturing facility in Europe. For more information, including retail availability, visit http://www.biotausa.com/.