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Biotech and Cannabis Stocks to Watch

With Thanksgiving behind us here's a few biotech/ healthcare companies that might be worth looking at before after your meal

HENDERSON, NV / ACCESSWIRE / November 26, 2018 / Today we are highlighting: BioRestorative Therapies, Inc. (BRTX), Auris Medical Holding AG (EARS), PDL BioPharma, Inc. (PDLI), Geron Corporation (GERN), and Cronos Group, Inc. (CRON).

With the holidays upon us and the enormous amount of food consumed especially Thursday, it's an opportune time to look at America's obesity problem. Obesity costs the US $1.72 Trillion annually between healthcare costs and decreased productivity. Companies with winning remedies to this problem will see their market cap grow like their potential patients' waists.

One interesting company tackling this issue is, BioRestorative Therapies, Inc. (BRTX) (Market Cap: $10.4M Share Price: $0.99) a life sciences company focused on stem cell-based therapies, developing a therapy "ThermoStem" using brown adipose (fat) derived stem cells to generate brown adipose tissue ("BAT"). BAT is intended to mimic naturally occurring brown adipose depots that regulate metabolic homeostasis in humans.

BRTX just received a Notice of Allowance on the company's fourth patent for their metabolic ThermoStem program. The company's patents span US, Australia and Japan.

Initial preclinical research indicates that increased amounts of brown fat in the body may be responsible for additional caloric burning as well as reduced glucose and lipid levels. This is a very promising sign for the company.

Another healthcare stock under a dollar dealing with weight gain, Auris Medical Holding AG (EARS) (Market Cap: $20.27M Share Price: $0.68). While BRTX's therapy focuses on obestity EARS is focused on anti-psychotic med induced weight gain. The FDA recently commented on their multiple dose Phase 1 trial with AM-201 administered to healthy subjects in combination with olanzapine to evaluate the pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and safety, and to establish proof-of-concept. Further, the FDA endorsed weight gain normalized to baseline body weight versus placebo as reasonable primary efficacy endpoint for a subsequent Phase 2 trial. This is worth monitoring.

Investors monitoring PDL BioPharma, Inc. (PDLI) (Market Cap: $423.33M Share Price: $2.90) were pleased when the company reported its financial results for the three and nine months ended September 30, 2018 this week. Highlights included total revenues of nearly $68 million as well as the completion of a $25 million share repurchase program.

Another healthcare stock recently reporting, Geron Corporation (GERN). (Market Cap: $283.24M Share Price: $1.52) has pulled back since seeing a nice bit of momentum tied to the numbers. GERN recently reported a loss of 3 cents per share for the third quarter of 2018, narrower than the Zacks Consensus Estimates of a loss of 5 cents and the year-ago quarter loss of 4 cents. Quarterly revenues increased 1.2% from the year-ago quarter to $0.17 million, which missed the Zacks Consensus Estimate of $0.22 million. Revenues comprised royalty and license fee revenues received under various non-imetelstat license agreements.

A biotech/ cannabis hybrid seeing a lot of action recently caps off the companies we are watching in the biotech/ healthcare industry, Cronos Group, Inc. (CRON) (Market Cap: $1.47B Share Price: $8.20).

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