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Bird almost becomes fowl ball while chilling on the field at Diamondbacks game

During Tuesday night’s game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the San Diego Padres, a bird almost got involved in the proceedings. The bird didn’t get hit in mid-air, or interfere with a fly ball. The bird almost became the ball.

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If your response is “Whaaaaaaaat?” you’re definitely not alone. It’s not unusual for birds to be flying around and in baseball stadiums, but they’re usually not calm enough to be nearly scooped up by an infielder. But this bird apparently wanted to watch the baseball game, and since it was a bird, it could pick any seat in the house. So it chose a spot on the first base line at Chase Field, where it would get a great view.

This bird is a huge baseball fan. Why else would it be chilling on the field at a Diamondbacks game? (MLB.com)

That bird probably questioned its choice after Padres starting pitcher Dinelson Lamet came to the plate in the third inning. With a runner at first base, Lamet bunted the ball up the first base line, which is right where that intrepid, fearless bird was parked. Lamet ran to first, but the bird wasn’t disturbed until first baseman Paul Goldschmidt tried to field the ball. Because the ball had rolled right next to our bird friend.

Goldschmidt hopefully saw the bird from his perch at first base, otherwise I’m not sure how he didn’t do a double or triple take when he almost scooped up the bird with his glove. (Imagine looking down at the grass and expecting to see a baseball, but instead you see a baseball and a live bird.) Goldschmidt managed to grab the ball (and not the bird) and throw it to second for an out, though Lamet was safe at first base. Here’s a helpful video that shows those perilous few seconds:


The hands-down best part of this whole ordeal is that the bird was barely disturbed. It apparently really, really wanted to watch that baseball game, because it didn’t stir until Goldschmidt brushed his glove against it, and then it flew over to the third base side to watch the rest of the game.

You do you, bird. You watch as many baseball games as you want, and don’t let anything stop you.

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