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Birmingham Alabama Tornado Shelter Dealer Opens

Slate Secure Shelters now offering Granger ISS Tornado Shelters to Birmingham, Alabama residents and surrounding areas

BIRMINGHAM, AL / ACCESSWIRE / July 18, 2017 / Tornadoes are no stranger to the Birmingham, Alabama area. In fact, Birmingham is one of the largest metropolitan areas frequently endangered by tornado activity in the United States. The National Weather Service has confirmed 39 tornadoes in the state of Alabama thus far in 2017, with a number of confirmed injuries. Many residents of the Birmingham area can easily recollect on the infamous Tuscaloosa-Birmingham Tornado outbreak on April 27, 2011. It was called a "Super Outbreak" by some, with 362 tornadoes touching ground, denoting the largest tornado outbreak in United States history. With over 60 reported fatalities and 1500 injuries, the April 27, 2011 Tuscaloosa-Birmingham tornado outbreak was one of the deadliest and costliest in America, causing over $2.4 Billion in damage.

Years later after such devastation and destruction, many families are looking to provide near absolute tornado protection for their family and loved ones. One Birmingham resident, Daryl Slate, decided to take action and offer America's leading underground tornado shelter, the Granger ISS to residents all across Alabama. Slate recently opened his business "Slate Secure Shelters" in effort to offer near absolute tornado protection to residents of Alabama.

Granger Plastics Company, the manufacturer of the Granger ISS Tornado Shelter, is seeing an increased demand for production during these active months as well as seeing dramatically increased sales nationwide. Tornado shelters are an increasingly sought after investment for homeowners around the country. This increase in demand, has led to Granger Plastics to recent production expansions and adding new jobs to its Ohio based manufacturing facility.

For years now, many experts have declared that being underground is the safest place to be during a tornado. A growing number of families are looking specifically for underground tornado shelter protection, as published failures of shelters continue to grow, including a published failure of an above-ground concrete shelter from the Moore, Oklahoma tornado outbreak, that was published by a group from multiple universities' including the University of Alabama, University of Oklahoma, University of Florida, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Oregon State, Oklahoma State and Colorado State University.

The Granger ISS is a seamless rotationally molded unit consisting of a double walled construction and foam filled, requires no additional anchoring system and is installed in less than 4 hours in most instances. Granger holds a quality control certification issued by the Federal Aviation Administration, which forces strict adherence to the highest of quality standards.

Granger Industries utilizes polyethylene to make safer products for many industries and specializes in custom designed products that require excellent design. A world renown rotational molder and in business for over two decades, Granger Industries manufactures the Granger ISS In-ground Safety Shelter and has never seen a greater interest in safety products including the Granger ISS – In-ground Tornado Shelter. To learn more about the Granger ISS please visit www.grangerplastics.com/shelter.html.

Granger Industries includes Granger Plastics, ForeverSafe Products and Granger Aerospace Products. Granger Plastics Company is a world recognized rotational molder manufacturing a variety of custom and proprietary products. To learn more about Granger Plastics Company please visit www.grangerplastics.com or contact 513-424-1955.

Slate Secure Shelters is now offering residents in Birmingham and all across Alabama the opportunity to provide their family with near absolute Tornado Protection with the Granger ISS. Learn more about Slate Secure Shelters by visiting www.slatesecureshelters.com or call (205) 789-1345.

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