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BitBay Exchange Introduces IEO Launchpad; Lists Quantum-Resistant QAN

TALLINN, ESTONIA / ACCESSWIRE / November 4, 2019 / BitBay exchange announced the introduction of an IEO Launchpad which will go live on 18th November, along with the first IEO sale of QARK tokens. Through the launchpad, BitBay will become the first exchange offering investors the possibility to buy IEO tokens directly through EURO, Polish Złoty and GBP.

There is no doubt that cryptocurrency has revolutionized fundraising. ICO was a prevalent form of raising funds in 2017. Unfortunately, as reported by Statis Group: "80% of ICO-projects turned out to be a scam". The answer to the lack of trust in ICOs is the IEO concept.

IEO is a crowdfunding strategy that relies on cooperation with a 3rd party - an exchange. In contrast to an (ICO), IEO is a seamless and more secure form of fundraising for both investors and project owners. Users are purchasing tokens with funds directly from an exchange wallet, which makes the process simple and clear, and most importantly gets tokens on their balance immediately. The exchange chooses projects and supports the sale, which results in a higher degree of trust behind the listed projects. After the token sale concludes, the issued tokens are usually tradable shortly.

BitBay IEO Launchpad

BitBay's IEO Launchpad will be a space where investors can find information about promising projects and receive an opportunity to invest in their success.

"Our IEO Launchpad has been created to provide investors with an all-in-one-place solution. We deliver the complete information about a project, as well as offer a simple process for buying tokens with both crypto and different FIATs (PLN, EUR, GBP, USD). By bridging this gap, even novice investors and no-coiners can participate in the sale" explains Paweł Sobków, CEO of Pinewood Estonia OÜ, a BitBay platform operator.

The Launchpad will provide detailed information and analysis about projects, including the White paper, reports and token sale plan. The purchase will be possible directly from the users' balance on his BitBay account, with Bitcoin and four FIAT currencies: Polish Złoty, Euro, USD and GBP.

"As a licensed cryptocurrency exchange we want to offer our users a possibility to participate with innovative and reliable projects. QAN brings great value to blockchain developers and has the potential to level up the cryptocurrency industry ecosystem" continues Paweł Sobków.

QAN - Quantum-Resistant Enterprise Grade Blockchain Solution

QAN, powered by Centrum Circle, is an industrial-grade, quantum-proof, secure, fast and multilingual crypto platform that runs smart contracts in all major languages. Its goal is to meet the real demands of the world of financial institutions and industries adopting crypto. QAN has mapped out all the key features needed by industry players, developers, and platform users, and combined them into one powerful solution.

"QANplatform was designed from the ground up to battle all barriers currently holding back mass adoption of blockchain. Top-notch security, high TPS, low energy consumption and ability to code in language programmers already know. Enterprises will be finally able to integrate this technology without financial or HR overhead, and this is how blockchain will reach the general public." explains Johann Polecsak, CTO of QANplatform.

The QANplatform token (QARK) is the network's token. Its primary use will enable developers to create, make money from and enable the use of applications built on the QAN platform:

  • payment for transaction fees,

  • payment for the cost of deploying dApps on the network,

  • rewards for various contributions to the network.

The public sale of QARK tokens will take place across 3 pools:

  1. Pool 1 (18th of November - 1 week*) : 22,222,200 tokens will be available for sale, at a discounted price of $0.27 per token.

  2. Pool 2 (3 weeks*): 44,444,400 tokens will be available for sale, at a discounted price of $0.33 per token.

  3. Pool 3 (5 weeks*): 22,222,200 tokens will be available for sale at a price of $0.39 per token.

*Pool period may end prior, if token supply allocated to the pool has reached its cap.

QARK tokens will be listed on BitBay exchange as soon as the 3rd pool sale ends.

About BitBay

BitBay is one of the top digital currency exchanges in the EU, serving over 800,000 users worldwide. The platform operates since 2014, and it lists 36 coins, four fiat currencies and provides over 120 trading pairs. BitBay has a wide range of solutions for investors and business, including: institutional offer, PRO mode, mobile apps, and BitBay Pay. BitBay operates with an Estonian licence. Pinewood Estonia OÜ, has obtained two licenses legitimizing it to operate the cryptocurrency exchange.

About QAN

QAN is a quantum-resistant blockchain platform powered by blockchain fintech brand Centrum Circle. QAN uses Lattice based cryptography, making it resilient to quantum attacks that are expected to become possible within the next five years, and which all major crypto networks are vulnerable to.


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