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Bitcoin Cash Maximalist Joins ‘Blockchain-Agnostic’ Crypto Wallet Project

P. H. Madore
Roger Ver is an outspoken Bitcoin Cash maximalist. So why did his Bitcoin.com just join a

Although Bitcoin.com CEO Roger Ver left the Bitcoin community to help establish Bitcoin Cash, he still considers himself a Bitcoin maximalist. His preferred vision of Bitcoin has larger blocks and smaller fees, all to ensure that the cryptocurrency becomes one thing: electronic cash.

Wallet Owned by Bitcoin Cash Maximalist Roger Ver Joins ‘Blockchain-Agnostic’ Crypto Project

The maximalist vision may, on the surface, appear to clash with the idea of the Foundation for Interwallet Operability (FIO) Protocol, which wants to help cryptocurrency wallets talk to each other, among other things. Notably, the protocol is “blockchain-agnostic” and seeks to benefit as many cryptocurrencies as possible.

Bitcoin.com joined the consortium this week, perhaps because even in a maximalist dreamworld where there is only one blockchain, very few people currently think any cryptocurrency is user-friendly enough.

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash can both benefit from the promises of the FIO protocol – enabling payment requests to be generated and creating human-readable addresses being just a couple.

Stefan Rust, Bitcoin.com’s Global Head of Business Development, said:

“Crypto usability is still one of the biggest challenges the industry has to solve, and our new relationship with the FIO is all about trying to find a solution to this big issue.”

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