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Bitcoin Crypto Currency Exchange Corporation (OTC PINK: ARSC) Announces the Acquisition of Kachingpay.com

HOUSTON, TX / ACCESSWIRE / August 8, 2017 / Bitcoin Crypto Currency Exchange Corporation (OTC PINK: ARSC), formerly known as American Security Resources Corporation, announces today that it has acquired 100% of Kachingpay.com Incorporated ("KaChing"), in a cash and stock transaction. KaChing will be merged in to ARSC as a wholly owned subsidiary.

About Kachingpay.com:

KaChing is a smartphone-based payment and money transfer system created by Prometheus Software. KaChing is fast, free, and failsafe. KaChing recognizes that current user fees and charges with existing payment and money transfer systems are excessive. Today's payment transactions and systems are burdened by their complexity and cost.

KaChing will drive down user fees and charges so that purchase payment processing will become a low cost, commodity utility. Using the free KaChing mobile app, consumers purchase tokens for their digital wallet. KaChing gift card tokens are then used for purchases with merchants. Consumers do not need credit cards, debit cards or specialized hardware. Merchants use existing hardware as well: computers, smartphones or tablets. KaChing uses Apple iOS and Android mobile devices for payment.

Management considers this acquisition significant as it provides a mobile front end on iOS and Android to the BitcoinMWallet mobile exchange platform for crypto currencies, which will be created by the Company.

The app is currently available in the Canadian Apple iTunes and Google Play stores.

About Prometheus Software:

Prometheus Software was founded in Toronto, Canada in 1994 under the name Baldhead Systems by entrepreneurs Jay Jordon and Ron Leach.

Prometheus Software provides customers with a myriad of services, including software design and development, systems integration, network support, IT consulting, professional services and project management.

Some of Prometheus's biggest achievements include being the first company to create a secure mobile banking application and the first to create a real-time mobile stock trading application for Blackberry, Palm and Pocket PC when, in 2000, Prometheus forged a partnership with the Royal Bank of Canada to form a new company called SONA Innovations Inc. This venture was a result of Prometheus's forward thinking and innovative ideas.

For more information please visit: http://www.prometheussoftware.ca/

About Bitcoin Crypto Currency Exchange Corporation:

Bitcoin Crypto Currency Exchange Corporation (OTC PINK: ARSC), formerly known as American Security Resources Corporation, is an early adopter of blockchain technology with one of its products being a mobile payment application. The app will allow trade and redemption of Bitcoins or other crypto currencies using iOs or Android devices from anywhere, anytime. With the help of third party technology, Bitcoin Crypto Currency Exchange Corporation aims to be one of the first companies to properly address trading between different Crypto Currencies on mobile devices.

Bitcoin Crypto Currency Exchange Corporation retains legacy assets related to its previous business plan of developing hydrogen fuel cell technology and natural resource assets. The disposition of these assets will be determined in the near future.

For more information please visit: http://www.bitcoinmwallet.com/


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SOURCE: American Security Resources Corporation