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Bitcoin surges, bank earnings beat

The Dow is looking to get back on track and continue its push for a record high. Meanwhile, investors are keeping a close eye on Bank of America and Wells Fargo with quarterly being reported. Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous, Jared Blikre, Justine Underhill and Rick Newman discuss the big stories of the day.

Today’s topics:

  • Bank of America profit rises but trading revenue declines
  • Wells Fargo hit by legal costs, mortgage banking slump
  • Retail Sales improve in Sept., up 1.6%
  • Bitcoin hits another record high
  • HP up on profitable 2018 forecast
  • Samsung CEO cites ‘unprecedented crisis’ in shock resignation
  • Monsanto up after Bayer agrees to sell $7B in assets to competitor
  • Netflix to outpace subscriber growth expectations: Goldman
  • Call of the week: Credit Suisse says Snap is about to skyrocket
  • Pres Trump to eliminate crucial Obamacare subsidy
  • Pres Trump to announce new strategy against Iran
  • Amazon suspends head of entertainment studio
  • Rose McGowan tweeted that she warned Amazon of Weinstein
  • 21st Century Fox is being pressured to overhaul board
  • Bitcoin can now buy citizenship in Vanuatu

If you had $10,000 in bitcoin, would you:
-Buy more
-Sell immediately
-Hold on to it