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Bitcoin and TRON Join Ethereum, ERC Tokens in Opera’s Crypto Browser

Ryan Smith
Bitcoin and TRON are now officially supported by Opera's browser. | Source: Shutterstock

Fans of Opera’s mobile browser will be chuffed to hear that it is adding support for both Bitcoin and Tron to its latest Android version. The Norwegian software company last year announced support purely for Ethereum and it’s myriad of ERC-20 token offerings. The company has now come full circle to offer other major cryptocurrencies to its growing list.

This initial rollout will benefit Android users only. In June CCN reported that Opera also launched support for iOS so expect Apple users to receive similar benefits in the coming months. Opera heavily cites this move as an evolution towards the so-called next generation of the internet – Web 3.0.

Opera Cryptocurrency Integration Ahead of the Pack

Opera continues to lead the way in cryptocurrency integration when compared to other more established browsers. While Apple quietly launched CryptoKit at this years developer conference it hasn’t actually provided any serious wallet contender to date for Safari. The same can be said of both Chrome and Bing.

The only real contenders to speak of are the Brave browser and Samsung’s latest range of blockchain-supported phones. Brave, for example, focuses heavily on promoting its own BAT cryptocurrency. The fundamental difference here is that BAT is purely an ERC-20 token. Brave also currently only supports desktop-based payment integration.

Opera built-in wallet. Opera adds Bitcoin and Tron

Opera’s latest release, though still in beta, will allow users to send and receive BTC (Bitcoin) and TRX (Tron) as well as view their transaction history.

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